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tmg kao$ – exposing me (freestyle) lyrics


yeah yeah
its kaos man
rip king von
troublemakers gang

got me feeling great
take my time im giving sp+ce
now they recognize my name
to the top, i’m going straight
now these ladies give me cake
trynna get my last name
and i’m looking past fame
all these rappers acting up
i’m coming for em like assassin
throw em in the casket
all these people looking at me pointing
like i’m choosen no one do like this
expose me i’m so lit
all thеse gas got my head
seeing double еvery day
every day we in here
this that flow yall gone fear
they gone put me to the test
hold my ground ima be here
came from nothing and we buzzing
give me names ima k!ll em
she be eyeing she be wanting
all these b+tches they be phoning
want my time
through my name, they want their shine
on her knees, i get good head
man i won’t lie
name ring bells in everystate
spit that flame i hold it down
they use to front they use to hate
since i’m blowing they reaching out
yeah, they reaching out!!
got no time to waste
got no time for hate
paper chasing every day
got more bread to make
they be like who dat is
go and tell em i do like this
creeping on them streets
you can loose your life
so pick your lane
ain’t no fairytales in here
man its do or die in here
k!lling lives for a penny let you
know what i fear
count my blessings while i’m here
all these ladies know i’m real
thank my mother for my life
on that right path that i steer
makers land putting on
for my team, i’m going off
there been times that i loose hope
front of this mic blowing that smoke
hope my music lives forever
never started for the cheddar
no chain no flex
with these dope rhymes back at ya
haters praying every day
and they want me to be erased
hope they know what they will face
lowkey know that they are amazed
underground to that mainstream
running through these lames
see this music is my faith
it’s my time to break our chains
it’s my time to break them chains
f+ck them slave ships
don’t be acting braindead
find that purpose in your life
and you can get it right quick
same brothers that i came with
till my last breath, i’m going in
spit till i die and they feeling it
better mark my words
just blink once
im coming in
yeah yeah
you know that we in here man