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todd rundgren – intro lyrics



before we go any further i’d like to show you all a game i made up
this game is called sounds of the studio
and it can be played with any record including this one

you can play it, uh, with – you can even play it with your favorite record
you may be surprised
now if you have a pair of headphones you better get ’em out and get ’em cranked up
’cause they’re really gonna help you on this one

now i’m sure you all recognize this
this is called hiss
it comes on records that were mastered lousy or mono reprocessed for stereo or any number of things
this of course is hum
ps popping
this is the sound of bad editing
and here’s what happens when the machine gains control and mangles your tape

now all you have to do is find these sounds on the record
and whoever finds the most wins, of course
but don’t –

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