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token – “in my feelings” remix freestyle lyrics


when i have kids, i’ll raise em
like a king and queen, i’ll make em
but if they don’t listen to my sh-t
like a pokemon card, i trade em
i keep it a hundred a1
i keep with the homies, day 1
i keep with the fire blaze em
i keep it a secret, drake, son
i don’t congratulate him, i don’t graduate him
i teach him a lesson, then i will test him
then i degrade him
uh uh
i don’t embrace him, but i will break him
then i will brace him
i will address him, then i won’t mail him
then i will check him, but i won’t pay him, uh
oh it’s happening, oh it’s happening, that again
just cause i can rap a bit, it don’t mean i’ll be battling, battling
got the product but don’t got the packaging
i don’t got a label cause i turned down half of them
no cap at your neck, only cap to capitate
you relying on a lion, got a cap to capdivate
your girl look like an ash tray, that’s a shame
getting her laid in not an accolade
wait, i don’t play no fortnite, i’ll play it in a fort tonight
pull up to the venue make the crown frantic
think i made my town panic
tell em just cause i be touring countries doesn’t mean i’m outlandish
wait, pull up right up on the curb buddy
i don’t get searched, they search for me
ain’t it ironic, sure, funny
bought all of my clothes with merch money
listeners want the verse from me
give my words and they worship me
minister this ain’t church to me
flip my bird, hear the chirp from me, uh
infer from me that your girl love me
she refer to me as the first coming like i’m jesus
that’s a double meaning clever with the words buddy, godd-mn!
uh, godd-mnit
look at my pants, boy bands
k!ll em again, k!ll em again
charles manson
next week i’m back with fire, this the appitizer