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token – self taught lyrics


[verse 1]
i’ve been working in my bedroom for a decade, that ain’t gon’ change
i don’t need em’, i’ll be d-mned if i was 17, battling for my freedom
they told me they had better ideas than me, i don’t see ’em
y’all said you were fans of token—well, it’s time you meet him
i’ve been learning that what’s running my generation is fear
i’ve been learnin’ that you cannot teach dedication to peers
i’ve been learning by myself, you’ve been very patient i’m here
i’m here, finally, aight’
i’ve been invincible ever since i was told that being different is a gift i hold
been driven ever since my initial video
tryin’ to get into shows on my tippy toes
i define persistance, i’ll tell you to your face as if you didn’t know
so anyone tryin’ to confirm their practice
i don’t listen to talk, i observe the action
that’s why i work like it’s pure mechanics
automatically swallow batteries, burp the acid
these work like magic
these bursts of p-ssion could reverse the earth’s determined axis
i left the world and i ain’t returning b-st-rds! i live by my words now research the mapquest
i don’t receive your distractions, you rely on teamwork but all of your team work like -sses
and i can talk about the success of my own career and say i’m the fuckin’ leader of that shit
that’s that shit to turn a coward to a buddy, hoping for power above me but i wouldn’t count with your money if i was without any house or was hungry and you had thousands and thousands to fund me, i’m 17, and you are a child to me, how funny
give me a second, alright
with independence, i built up a method, no women or men will be given a leverage of limiting anything
i dont really gotta be thinking about a limit
i literally eliminate every limit who livin’ and nobody really wanna be givin’ me lip because even all of my literacy will lift you to heaven
just so i can drop you below (woah)
hasn’t been a motherfuckin’ second that i’m not in control (no)
humans also godd-mn weak but know that i got loftier goals (so)
just because it’s never been done man it doesn’t mean that i won’t
make it happen, i know i will make it happen, if i said i’ll make it happen, just know i will make it happen and i haven’t even received the knowledge to fail
not pressured by the pressure, when all else is lost, i prevail
self taught

[verse 2]
yeah, self taught
since 1st grade, writing my first rhyme
hiding it under my bed and hoping no one would find
next week, suspended again and watching my mom cry like
why we paying this therapist for all of his time
self taught
since 5th grade, hating myself
getting ditched by all of my friends, blaming myself
found garageband on the computer
i was bored, i been writing for 4 years, i might as well record
self taught
since 8th grade, first solo mixtape
getting laughed at with so much hate
people embarr-ssed to be around me
i went home, i’ll just stay inside, i was inspired to grow
self taught
until now, as i write this
looking at this project like, i hope they like it but
as i write what helps me make it better as i
try to forget what forces me to remember these eraser shavings