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tom flannery – beautiful berlin lyrics


i saw a man swinging a severed headwalking through town
he was talking some to himself
with a frown turned upside down
i thought i’d seen it all
but here was a place i’ve never been
all sorts of ghosts seem to walk these streets
in beautiful berlin
just exactly what does one do
when confronted with a severed head?
i’m kinda shy normally
i prefer things left unsaid
but sometimes someone can pierce the veil
of even the most chagrin
oh ’tis a lovely day
in beautiful berlin
police moved in after a time

prosecutor said perhaps we’ll find
that he had some trouble in his head
and that’s why he took hers instead
the man said he had been provoked
and that’s why he took her down
’twas his very own sister in law
that was left without her crown
apparently he was a tad miffed
she would no longer sleep with him
you can even find a dose of morality
in beautiful berlin
6 million jews were slaughtered here
in the name of the reich
while good people walked these same streets
knowing wrong from right
so nothing much surprises me
‘cept the faces of sin
oh ’tis a lovely day
in beautiful berlin