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tommy mcclennan – des’e my blues lyrics


i said, des’e is my blues
sing ’em ev’rywhere i go
i said, des’e is my blue, babe
an i sing ’em ev’rywhere i go
if these blues ain’t alright
why they ain’t yon’ territory

now, the girl that i love
got lots long black, curly hair
now, the girl that i love
got nice black curly hair
she got a nice disposition
carry th’at woman most any-ol-where

now, look-here, mama
you know i ain’t n0body’s fool
‘played around there’
ooh, look-a-here, mam-mmm
lord, i ain’t n0body’s fool
now, that way you got doin’ me
sho’ lord, lord it’s outta school

now, my mother tol’ me
when i wasn’t but two days old
i say, my baby told me
lord, when i wa’nt but two days old
baby sister
said, ‘that man, oh lord
is gon’ be the death of yo’ soul

now, i’m g’win out east
amongst the whiporwill
yes, i’m g’win out east, babe
i wan’ get amongst the whiporwill
yeah, now that fool is tryin’ a quit me
so low but i love her still, yeah

now, ain’t none a-my business
but tell where ya stay last night?
yes, yeah
it ain’t none a-my business
but baby, tell where you stay last night
got yo’ hair rumpled up
an yo’ clothes ain’t just fittin’ you right