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tommy savo – too faded lyrics


[intro: tommy savo]
hey cris, f-ck you
ayy, yuh, ayy
ayy, ayy (okay, okay, okay, okay)
ayy, ayy-ayy, ayy, ayy
ayy, ayy, ayy, yuh, ayy
yuh, ayy, yuh, ayy

[verse 1: tommy savo]
i call the eighth, pull out my cell, my plug five minutes away
already smoked this sh-t, i need about a zip everyday
my mind is pacin’, need some dough, [?] back, i fell to the pavement
a group of thotties wanna play and i was playin’ playstation
to my amazement, one of them just told me, “tommy, you trippin'”
wait the f-ck up, d-mn, my n-gga, sh-t, you never do listen
“dreamin’ ’bout a fancy whip, yo’ head is off in the clouds
you need to get your education, tommy, you need it now”
it’s [?] to six, i’m [?], don’t make a sound
let’s make a pack, i do my problems, you do yours wit’ a frown
take the headphones off the desk and get a [?] chanel
but i’m too high, so i say, “f-ck that sh-t,” up on my head now, haha

[verse 2: brickboydior]
okay, my eyes low, smoked out, almost p-ssed out
too b-tches, b-tt naked, shakin’ -ss now
fo’ choppa’s, two sticks in the trap house
i got forgiato rims and the whip blacked out
i got h-lla hoes up on my d-ck, it’s time to spaz out
i got h-lla opps up on my -ss, i hit the gas now
uh, took yo’ b-tch and i smacked down
uh, bad hoes that i smash now

[verse 3: tommy savo]
someone tell me who gon’ die today (okay)
i’on play, lil’ n-gga, i’ma stay in the paint
ayy, i wanna f-ck now but that bih’ wanna wait
don’t do the wait, he shake and n-ggas play, i got my ak
and if they actin’ like a fool then i’ma shoot ’em like clay
this what i do, i get the loot, i’m icy, no super suit
feel like weezy, like the wind, my n-gga, but ain’t no flu
a thousand hoes up in my dm’s, bih’, i hit ’em with troops, yuh

[verse 4: rorysdeath]
this that life i like to live, i pop them perc’s, i like to itch
i f-ck that b-tch with no rubber, plug called he said
“run the sack to the trap,” smokin’ big gas, big fo’s
i like to po’ that lean sh-t, swervin’ in the audi coupe
amg, b-tch, yeah, she throw that -ss back, like to clap (like to clap)
big draco kickback (fa-fa)