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tompi – how much you mean to me lyrics


girl you say,
sometimes i�m so far away.
there�s a reason why,
it seems that way.
the picture that i see, of you and me
it�s larger than this life,
sweeter than our strife, this you�ll see

you�ve given me, so much,
and its enough, for two
eternity, is on my mind,
know this, is so true
you fill all my senses,
without any defenses
i feel so loved, yet i feel so free,
i found me

if i can�t say in words.
than i�ll say it ini my song
but u really have to know.
how much you mean to me

cause i never mean to hurt.
i could never do you wrong
but you really have to know.
how much you mean to me

girl you bring the best,
the rest we�ll find in time
when i say i am yours,
it isn�t just a line
with you baby,
i can do it all.
i am just so sure,
that you�ll be there, i found you

i like to fill you up with love.
to make you feel the way i do
sometimes i see it coming true.
can we keep this love, forever new

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