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tony nandez – perfect your own lyrics


tony nandez [verse 1]
too weird to live too rare to die, that’s what they tell me
never bought into the bull they tried to sell me
never tried to appeal much rather keep it real, and write the type of music you can -n-lyze and feel
no need to fantasize the zeal, with these shows i up and steal
staying true to the objective, kept my duty leal
their weapons kept concealed, and you know it’s for the best
i got bullets etched with every name just waiting to be a guest
no second guess you know i’ll take shots at your figure
a higher game of chess with these flows that i deliver
oh how they bite, chopping down with they incisors
they know i got the remedy to conjure they elixirs
you’re dead with your head in the box i paint a bigger picture
life just another movie directed by david fincher
a modest light burning on where others choose to be a flicker
if you want it like i got it then you trust your mixture and

perfect your own. i lay the path in which i linger on

matt redd [verse 2]
that’s why every week i got a new topic
so in the future i gotta a little more money to deposit
i mastered this rap shit and then i lost it
crossed the line between it’s either this or it’s not this
standing sick to my stomach, nauseous
then i realized what i gotta do to progress what i do
and that was not this
my whole life i been a problem for not being a scholar
instead of doing my homework i was a drawer
but everything i did i did it for my father and my mother
now i got a hunger for a dollar but addition, subtraction, i couldn’t bother
i got too caught up in the culture you know i wasn’t the sharper knife in the drawer
finding friends was always something that was always a little harder
i use these words as my armor, and i will die a sign of my honor
cause poetry was the only thing that stuck to me when i was stuck with f-ckery
and all you’re bullying just gave me this rubber skin
you couldn’t pop the bubble that i was in

perfect your own. i lay the path in which i linger on