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too birds – phuck em lyrics


[verse 1: teether]
i put an end to the burning truck
swerving past peace saying “this is where you f-cked up”
out for lunch quick as h-ll with that mach punch
snapping bones, floods begin to fill em all in one crunch
another missed call, ring em back, i had a hunch
i didn’t want to speak with ’em, and with good reason
fools so baffled when i’m hanging up, fleeing
but cats are hungry out there when it’s too birds season
spiels burning inward from the ears to the dome
spielberging visions ’til the cows come home
the whole night i’ve been weeded and on no-doz
to stop the dreams coming, gotta realise i have no hope
existential crisis in a rental whip with no more tyres left
’cause i stray from the goals when absent minded, skidding
spinning, faded, vomit, sh-t
what the f-ck is this?
i smoke too d-mn much and hope that more blunts will fix it

[verse 2: realname]
fishes, scaling every whale in the district
dishes, painted for the maggots when they visit
misses, p-ssed as kidney stones when i’m in sydney stoned
missing christmas going to a show without tickets
i got a car that won’t drive still i sit in the seat
and get high till i’m drifting asleep
l plater p’d off growing up in a neighbour hood
that wasn’t great but good enough to raise a hoodlum in
giving up what i could’ve been looking at spitting
like a sugar stick like suck at it and b-mp it
puffing a trumpet in the face of the public
embarr-ssed by my p-ssions by my hobbies and habits
a skeleton with a pot belly i’m hungry and famished
and i ain’t done till the damage is
only begun in these parameters f-ck em, a couple amateurs
waving a gun at a canvas i ain’t done till the damage is (f-ck ‘em!)

[outro: teether / realname]
when in peril, do as the spirits do
staring at my grave but my form is too cynical

my head is pointless, gutter-stomp my chest
take a hint, you can open cans but i can take a hit, hitiful

split riddles so clinical
i got my whole mind worried ’bout my net value

how you, ever gonna shake ‘em like f-ck em
how you ever gonna scape it like f-ck em (f-ck em)