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too hort – player card lyrics


“player card”
(feat. shanell)

nah baby
i don’t think i wanna be a player no mo’
i done been through a lot of hoes
lot of women, lot of b-tches, lot of relationships
all the drama
tryin to find a real one baby

[chorus: shanell 2x]
if you don’t wanna be a player no more
then show me who you really are
if you don’t wanna be a player no more
turn in your player card

[too $hort]
there comes a time in every player’s life
when you think about a family and havin a wife
you had enough – you cain’t take this sh-t
put a end to all the meaningless relationships
and find one that means everything
i’m talkin ’bout white dresses and wedding rings
used to be strip clubs and the bunny room
but now you’re in love on a honeymoon
you used to keep a extra chick
just for booty calls and s-xy trips
but now you at the grocery sto’
target, wal-mart, and home depot
if you break out of prison, and jump the wall
you couldn’t even get a date you wouldn’t know who to call
you had a lot of women and you played ’em hard
but you retired now, give up that player card!


[too $hort]
a lot of players, call it quits
come across the love pit and fall in it
ain’t nuttin wrong with love
early in the morning you just want a hug
i’ve been there a million times
asked me how i’m doin – i’m feelin fine
but really what i feel inside
is the need, to have somethin real in my life
… i had it before
but i’m like cameo, i go “back and forth”
… like big pun and joe
sometimes “i don’t wanna be a player no more”
and when the time comes around, you know what’s next
throw away my phone and my rolodex
it’s gone, and i didn’t even notice it
my player card expired and i’m stuck with my old b-tch


[too $hort]
your player card got revoked
and it cain’t be renewed – no it’s not a joke
once you give it up, it’s hard to get it back
cause fallin in love is like hittin crack
one hit and you a junkie
all day and night you’ll be lickin that monkey
you love the way it’s sticky and funky
you said i don’t wanna live, if she don’t want me
i never had days like that
cause i came up in oakland, raised by macks
i gotta get that scratch
i get it from a batch, or from my rats
it’s gon’ happen, cause the game is here
ask bishop don juan, i’m a famous player
you know when love’ll happen for me?
when i start buyin hookers, and rappin for free


it ain’t expired yet baby
i’m thinkin ’bout renewin it
short dawg in the house, pfl
player for life
player for life baby
sometimes i feel like i don’t wanna be a player
but i am…

smoke one wit’cha potnah mayne
you in the mix with too $hort, “still blowin'”
new alb-m comin soon baby
what’s my favorite word?

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