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topdogdaboss – poppy lyrics


poppy lokco smooth
sh-tn n-gg-s wit da tool

what da fkc it feel like they k!lled brother
was more den just homies
i’m really sikc to my stomach
another u
h-ll na n-gg-s ain’t 1hunnit
they kant do da sh-t u did
stay ready to exterminate sumn
fkc dat
free my n-gg- snook like right now
if lil poppy was home
sumbody a prolly get knokcd dwn
free da squad n-gg- they not ready 4 da crowd
a bunch a young n-gg-s only rokcn real crowns
free my n-gg- kaydee been sum time since he been down
but if u kno like i kno he gon always hold it down (rider n-gg-)
this sh-t is not real wish i saw this as a child
woulda made better decisions help n-gg-s build routes
kuh was full of life wit da bullsh-t no doubt
he was da reason why lotta n-gg-s try build more clout
stanfghanistan da land ona set it ain’t no drought
dnt try poppy lokco he not da 1 for u to play round

why everybody want be poppy
why everybody everybody everybody
wanna be poppy

n-gg- grew up ona dub but kuh bang da 6
a real one in my gang he was loyal to this sh-t
like god east da deal can u show a n-gg- why
my n-gg- not here i got look up to da sky
he got a baby ona way by child he gon survive
i’ma keep my brodie lit he wasn’t no regular guy
they say da good die young kuh was only 29
da type dats really real really give u good vibes

remember saggn to da dub wit moss biggiedy
me u lil poppy had dem other n-gg-s scary
i really love yu n-gg- i jst wish dat you could hear me
this is our summer n-gg- i jst wish dat u was wit me
remember chillin n da room nd i had u race gas
my n-gg- ddnt smoke but he still ddnt crash
i really miss u nigha jst wana chill n laugh
when u die i did too so every track im fina spazz

why everybody want be poppy
why everybody everybody everybody
wanna be poppy

kip poppy lokco
n-gg- was built for this sh-t
not every nigha gang bangn
was made for this sh-t
last of a dien breed man