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tori amos – the chase lyrics


out there are hunters

let’s say predators

i have weapons
that could destroy them

you must out-create
it’s the only way
i am the hunter
and the hunted
joined together

you create duality

and neutrality
i must leave you
with the fire muse
show her the riddle
it is serious
if you lose
out there

i’ll be the hare

then i’m the greyhound
chasing after you

then i will change my frequency
to a fish that thinks

then you will find yourself
in the paws
of the otter
near her jaws

then i’ll grow my wings
as a flying thing

flying thing, you be warned
i’m the falcon

watch me change
into a grain of corn

a grain of corn
hear the alarm
in your head
i’m the hen
black and red
and you’re in my barn
they would have won
use your head or you’ll be dead

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