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torné – legendary lyrics



yo, yo, yo
you best to listen, you best to listen


my rhymes are purely visionary
pictures of me studying the dictionary
trascend has been worked on since january
that was dope, gangsta punkz is legendary
now this is a word to my adversaries
i’m gonna visit you in the cemetery
after you are buried, i’m a mercenary
doing rap over cash, vision’s legendary
kickin doors like the men in the military
when you see me you say, waxxx’s scary
wrote this next to a body in the mortuary
for all the people gone, ya’ll legendary
playing wow, doing the scarlet monastery
at the same time chatting in a blackberry
praying to win a match, hailin mary
’08 i remember it, it was legendary


i knew this since secondary
no sinnin cuz it’s unnecesary
rapping to the beat, involuntary
born with a mic, waxxx’s legendary