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toro? (us) – 8speed lyrics


h-llo kaytranada
props up to my papa cause he raised me
that sh-t ain’t common lately
i could see the globe just like common faced me
riding on my 8 speed
tryna cop a rocket ship
lift your -ss and lock ya hip
this is good as bounce gets
n-ggas probably hatin’ it
only play it for me though
watchin me on tivo
in the future, future singing at my funeral
can’t understand a d-mn word thats the way it go
invisible man, only questions no answers
hittin my dance, k!llin the juice like tom clancy
oh you fancy huh, mama give me some
i been riding on a pilly since the city saved me from
myself, h-ll ain’t even a fear
i appear clear like the liquor thats been hiding tears
tear through the pavement
knock you with that b-ss hit
face it
lifes good, loves great, on some other sh-t
in due time gotta go back to the mothership
i been, cigarrette floating
your vibes keepin me open
i ain’t think id be so hopeless
sing it just so you would know it
lookin at myself in the mirror like who this
figure i could meditate becoming a buddhist
but i levitate
i been feelin h-lla great
in your stereo terio what ya cousin say
im k!llin em ever since the clock struck 96
i been ridin on the down with a really down b-tch
hopin that she stay thick
girl you dont need no fast
if i hit it right then ill probly hit it last
if i hit it right then ill probably hit it last
you dont need no fast, you looking right