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tota – your move lyrics


i really thought you would wait for me
ima fool i know it
how much more could you take from me?
say leave, i’m going

i been on 10
yeah i been drinking again
hennessy goes with everything

told you i was gonna quit this year
but this sh-t heals everything

i got a problem i know it
that’s how i lost my old b-tch
lately i been losing focus
i’m putting it all in the open

you needed sp-ce
then you gave a n-gga my place
how could you lie to my face
you say you real sh-t i can’t relate

got a n-gga stressed now but i’m blessed now
barely reply when you text now
i don’t even need yo s-x now
it all worked out i can flex now

i really thought you would wait for me
ima fool i know it
had a n-gga mind twisted
we was in the same state with a time difference

i believed it i was shook
a month was all that it took
now yo -ss tryna turn the page
but this the end of the book

now that the chapter closed
i’m calling back my hoes
and leave my shoes
i’m coming back for those
gimme yo sh-t too
i spent a rack for those
i need half of those

we done been through everything
it’s your move
i put you through everything
it’s your move
use to be my everything
it’s your move
now i hear bout everything
that i you do