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trae tha truth – intro (tha truth) lyrics



hey my n-gga trae truth
it’s time to give the people the truth
n0body’s speaking for the streets right now
i mean for the streets street
the struggle not so much because you in the streets
k!lling and shooting and selling dope not that sh-t
we talking about the struggle
ain’t no music out here for the struggle right now
that’s what the people need
that’s what i want you to get on this album n-gga
we know we like to have a good time in the club
everybody like to dance
but n-gga when you’re struggling you ain’t trying
to mother f-cking dance
f-ck amma dance for and i got to pay my godam rent
n-gga i can’t dance i’m struggling struggling
it’s hard out here they just cut my grandmother heater bill off
you know how that heater bill be owed
b-tch can’t even pay no heater bill no more
n-gga i’m calling my grandmother a b-tch but
you know what i mean
b-tch owe me 20 dollars can’t even pay me back
it’s hard out here so that’s what we need trae
we need some sh-t to speak for the people
cause when i look on instagram i’m like
everybody rich the f-ck going on
but when i look outside it’s like everybody is struggling
struggling let’s get back to that
let’s get back to some music that we
we can speak on what we see
that’s around us not no f-cking fairy tail
give us the truth truth truth ahh am done
my life is amazing by the way

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