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travis reed – how to fish lyrics


[verse 1]
nowadays, never get more attached than a bird to a branch. hope you heard what i said, got my nerve on track
you can swerve on that or get hurt right back
and i know you don’t want it like that
don’t want it like how?
you ain’t want right now
when i bring it your face bet you gon back down..
come and check my credit, you ain’t know that back ground it’s…
what are we on?
what have you done?
i guess, this is where we at, so what you gon’ do?
you probly gon’ run
nothing is new, same old facade
thank you i’m rude. won’t you take something off?
you can break off my heart, i’ll make you a song
sign your name at the top like you might be the one, but i might be the one or you might just be wrong

so light me this blunt, p-ss me a bottle
be more than a month than we solve all these problems
i’m finding my bottom
i’m taking these chances like calling your mama
i’m making advances, look at the project
im paying advances off all of my profits
i stay with my family, come meet the budget
girl you know, that i’m all or nothing

so tell me what it is…
if you knew the real me…
would you love me??
quit acting like b-tch
or gonna just watch ’em all ride on this d-ck?

[hook x2]
come and catch this wave. imma show you how to fish
imma show you ain’t nothing changed since you told me i ain’t sh-t

come and catch this wave, imma show you how to fish

mmm i guess it’s too late
come and sip this kool aid
i been up for 2 days
i guess this is the new age…

[verse 2]
f-ck what you on if it ain’t this
f-ck your new man, cause i ain’t him
and he ain’t me, know you seen that sh-t
that’s why you been calling ever since

so let me get my 7 cents
that’s the budget, but i paid my rent
imma take the rest straight to the head a then try my best just to forget

like what i been bout, cause you know i been down, i dunno how this sounds but this time around i swear to god you’re gonna hear me out
cause nothing is realer than here and now

so where you been? now what’s deal?
you ain’t hold me down, i know the sh-t ain’t real
that will never change how i really feel
cause you the one, taught me to cast and reel