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tré burt – moth’s crossing lyrics


you are the beat of my heart
i feel the whole ground shakin’ around me
when i think about you
thinkin’ bout me
the way i see it when we are apart
it’s a miracle, miracle that the world still exists
and the mind doesn’t split in two
you make it hard to doubt you

i’ve tried to do it alone
but never been too sad or happy
without you by my side
oh my darlin’ my pride
it’s like you said before
“there ain’t nothin’ that matters more than the time that we’re in.”
that’s why i intend to not let you go
next time you show, it’s еverlastin’

but i don’t wanna stop you from bein’ someonе
who’s without me
but baby i can’t wait forever anymore
unlock your door

you are the light in the dark
no the moth don’t cross without you
and your luminous rings
oh my kerosene dreams
and i heard a while ago
that you’re giving up, lettin’ go
well c’mon get a grip
it’s so easy to slip
so hold on just a little bit longer
cos it won’t be long