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trellion & figment – ice capades lyrics


[lyrics originally transcripted by jimmy dyna & etze]


yo, black and white
dutch type, ι like to read a film
remove the green from the silvers
proceed to build – all night
heavily blazed
smoking weed until –
my evening chill
morphed into a sleeping pill
it’s like i need to fill my lungs with this skunk
and the reaper’s seeking easy k!lls, shocked that i’m breathing still
still, i get lost in the vapors
so underneath a glacia face is where my base is
scribe icy cave capers
you’re weightless, it’s like you’ve tried to stay nameless
too many freaks and –
not enough circuses
there’s worthless verses dropped on all surfaces
-you’re going nowhere-
but you can’t stop trying
when you’re gonna learn
this is art, not science
your heart’s not fire
your veins aren’t frigid
in the graveyard chilling
off the radar blizzards
i’d – follow you out on tour cause i’ve gots to see what the f-ck happens out of morbid curiosity
drop a beat
maybe freestyle a minute
i can tell straight away that your heart’s not in it
like you’ve hit rock bottom and you can’t stop digging
little ha-ha gimmicks
no your bars aren’t thrilling, b-tch
villainous skelly criminal kids – its: keeping it minimal
plus that syllable sh-t


ex minus
one bottle of oxychloride
corpse-like when i walk by on your port side
disappear down a chalk mine on the fourth night
lord i – need to stop checking ms davis
that b-tch got me so’thing crazy
i know hooded figure claimed her
but i’m the one who maimed her
crater city kingpin
i know we got you thinking
sinking in your simulated pretty little vision of this place that you live in
but i’mma talk about a different island
the only problem is: it’s a b-tch to find it
off the coast to nowhere
yes, i hope you go there
see a different side of life
get twisted by the light
head-spinning on a spike by the firelight
dynamite wire to your fire-wire, boom, bye bye
catch a type seen silhouette
trademark duplicate
you’re kinda illin’ but you’re nothing like the real
it’s a d-mn shame – that you couldn’t live to see another day
some might call it fate
sunlight or the shade
some died in the waves
others flied to the caves
thinking that they might get away
never lie to my face
and if you do, lie in a grave
way before you hit 52 lines on the page
pitiful, time for a break from this ritual
type of display that i’m giving you