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trey songz – easy on ourselves lyrics


“easy on ourselves”

[verse 1]
where do we go from here
we mustn’t fight but then it’s right, it’s right
we make up then make love
it’s sad to say, our love is fading away
we don’t communicate no more
tell me why

when i come home
we barely speak, feels like we’re enemies
this can’t be happening girl
do you believe that we still got it
when you get on my last nerves
and you think that i’m a jerk
can we make it work

but when you’re done, all you can do
tears you’ve been crying, so sick of trying
we use to be one
now we’re two different people, no longer equals
girl, lets make it easy on ourselves
and it’s so hard to let it go, but we both know girl
lets make it easy on ourselves
eating us up inside, the way to make it right
lets make it easy on ourselves

[verse 2]
we saw it coming a long time ago
like when you forgot my birthday
and i call you out, your name
this soul is sad at home, when n-body is there
never said it would be fair girl


to late to mend a broken heart
to late we fell apart
and goodbye is all we have left to say
can’t say we didn’t try, dry your eyes
girl you’ll always be my first love


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