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trey songz – gone too long lyrics


“gone too long”

w-ssup world? it’s … , know me as trey songz
some of you would like to know tremain, very few do
and i would like to welcome you all to a place you may have never been before
and i’m happy to be back where i am
… you just come along for a ride this evening
this morning, this afternoon, whatever it is where you’re at
i feel like this is something special and i’ve been here before but it
feels like i’ve been gone too long, yeah baby
feels like i’ve been gone too long, i
feel like i’ve been gone too long
and wow, listening to this some of you may say it’s sh-t,
n-gg-r just drop the alb-m, f-ck you man
but this is a special place once again i mention
yeah, another mix tape,
last mix tape i did was an antic-p-tion all original music
sold for s-x … without to have you
compared to be greater than any alb-m i’ve ever made, some people say
you know, when i do mix tapes it’s a place where i recall without inhibitions and thoughts
what’s right or what’s wrong, what’s gonna play on the radio who will say it’s hot, who not
it’s for the people out there just know i love you back and the haters i’m trying to love you too,

until then i just tunnel you
yeah, i just want you all to understand something right now
that in life you have choices, you have choices to do whatever the f-ck you wanna do
you got choices to do what people want you to do
and right now i’m at the point of my life where i’m gonna do what the f-ck i’m wanna do
so sit back and relax, … that you hear this is … you never heard my voice before
listen with a new air, listen with a new mind
feels like i’ve been gone too long,
feels like i’ve been gone too long, i
feel like i’ve been gone too long.