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tricky mac – run lyrics


[tricky mac]
i wake up in an unfamiliar place
this ain’t the party i was at with daddy k
might have gone too hard, must have f+cked up my head
all i see are white walls and i’m lying in a bed
with an ecg keeping track of the heart rate
it’s off the richter scale coz i’m in a farked state
this c+nt bursts in the door and says it’s good that i’m awake
and he starts reading off a chart of all the points he wants to make like

[this c+nt]
if you don’t stop now you will die young and not live til thirty
mucus in your lungs has built up because your bong is so dirty
did you never think to clean it maybe you could change the water
and have fresh, clean h2o every time you buy a quarter
[tricky mac]
ahh who the f+ck are you to try and tell me that?
do you know who i am c+nt? i’m tricky f+cken mac
aka captain choof, big d+ck, keta king
laa laa you can’t tell me nothing

[dr. slugs]
you need to calm down
you need to calm down
you need to calm down
you need

[tricky mac]
to suck my f+cking d+ck, yip
hit ’em with the slippery dip
and a late elbow, three weeks for the hit
i bolt down the corridor, shimmied into a room
it’s empty so i duck for cover behind a broom
but then they kicked in the door
threw me onto the floor
all i heard was “tricky no biccies no more”
men in white lab coats like they came from a cop car
so if you get approached by a bloke who says he’s a doctor

run! run! run!
they’re gonna get ya!
run! run! run!
don’t slip!
run! run! run!
run! run! run!
[dr. ugs]
ohhh! tricky mac!
my kids have talked about you before
i knew i’d see you one day