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triffids – embedded lyrics


step a little bit closer
there was something you mentioned under your breath
that’s the special something i’d always hoped you’d
say it louder now we’d soon be dead
chorus: tell me, tell me you love me
or else, tell me, tell me you’ll bear with me
hold me, tell me you’ll have me, embedded
come on and lay your body down
your weary body down
lay your weary bones in the ground
step a little bit closer
there is alcohol upon your breath
it’s a ________ dirty feeling we have
and heaven knows we’ve had it to death

this heart is a good one and dead
this one’s an old dead heart of mine
it’s died at least x 1000 times
this one will go straight to your head
this one will go straight to the base of your spine
ifs all turning ugly now
everything we touch wastes clean away
we’d kiss but we can’t find our lips
we speak when we know we have nothing to say
except chorus:
embalmed and embedded
becalmed and beheaded
do i hear your step on the stair
and these are the thighs i prize
and these are the eyes i cry.