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trina – capricorn lyrics


(feat. shonie)

i wanna take this time out from rapping right now
(oh oh) and share something really personal to the world
(oh oh yeah)
i wanna dedicate this to my baby (yeah)
since i know that he listening
im gone always be yo girl
(oh oh ooo)
see maybe yall never been in love like i’ve been
in love and maybe you’ve never felt the things that i’ve felt (oh oh)
see i’ve never had this tingle inside from a man
feels like he makes my heart melt
i mean the way that he looks at me is a look
i’ve never got from another brother
he’s cool, got swagg, calm, collective, and you know
what else he’s a d-mn good lover see he knows what it takes to keep up on my face
and he knows when i’m feeling unconvertable and our relationship is out of place
the taste of his lips the swagg in his walk how he so disciplined ambitious and the way that he talks a capricorn
hmm hmm hmm stole my heart and i dont even want it back
he can have it, he can have it, he can have it, he can have it
cause he got it like that
(he can have it baby, he can have it, oh yeah he can have it)
so independent, focused, and he knows how to love yes who would of dreamed in a million years
it would be you i’d be speaking of the tent sign of a zodiac one of the most serious and stable, reliable, responsible,
and the characteristic that i like most is ladies he always ready, willing, and able
now when god created him i know he had to be in good mood because my man gives me the up-most respect
and ladies he’s never disrespectful and he’s never rude
loving, caring, and giving he’s all of the above i just want to say
‘thank you god for giving me all i’ve been dreaming of’
i feel like cinderella when she found her prince
i can remember i was looking for love but i aint been looking since
my capricorn, my capricorn, myy cap-ri-corn
so s-xy his charm, his motivation, his patience, all combine together as one man, my man
strong, but careful of every move that he make all the steps that he takes real not fake
the capricorn, the capricorn, the capricorn, thats all i ever needed
all i ever wanted
so i took this time out of my life to let you know how i was feeling about my capricorn
my capricorn, my capricorn, capricorn,
baby i love you your love waiting here for you
so where ever you are, whatever station you listening to right now i’m here
somebody call my capricorn home for me or better yet i’ll do it myself.
(capricorn, he’s a capricorn)

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