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tristan prettyman – the rebound lyrics


the rebound

i saw you,
at the produce stand
by the tangerines,
bananas in your hand
we talk for five,
yeah maybe more
you don’t got a girlfriend,
and you’re pretty hot,
and i’m around
for the rebound

gotta knock it off,
gotta go to bed
you and your bananas,
stick in my head
but then you called,
so i came
that’s what she said,
for ten days straight
take off your pants
right now
for the rebound

i lost my number,
can i have yours
and i’m
not positive,
but i’m pretty sure
that your shirt,
would look better
on my floor

tell me your name,
one more time
while i check you out,
at the checkout line
we wave goodbye,
and now he knows
that magic happens,
at trader joe’s
so hit me up,
cause i’m always down

for the rebound
for the rebound
for the rebound
for the rebound

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