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tuesday (-tylerfff. & fadeddavid) – self-agency lyrics


(verse one)
not feeling like myself
gotta put it back on the shelf
no one’s got reverse me handled
splendid that no one can tell
gotta put first face well
no one around you will know you like that
everybody’s so manic out there
why do you care?
i’ve been single dreamin’ for a while just to sleep
just to bring the mob out from my head a detrimental thing at least
tens+and+tens+and+tens again
racks and bands float into my head
parking tickets worth a grand
the granite even knows to stand
what thе f+ck’s your problem man?
probably just intolerant
i know i don’t like to stand against it еven if i plan it
count the protest on my head if you end up anything else upon the
dead i dread ’til feeding ends depression stems from things back then

fled from the agency
business never once defined you
my aim’s so inaccurate
never have i once found (you)
you call me tear+faced, skin soaked so god d+mn near grey and
you blame our love on your family a likeness so thin
(verse two)
i can’t believe you would tear all of my feelings from the grip
man, just hope you felt satisfied ’cause f+ck man my life dipped
you can sense my friends refresh yet call ahead to no one’s end
and claiming things like “oh i hoped by now he’d know and take a stand”
we can see each other by the next tail end of june+
by the time my royal slot’s upholded + maybe even sooner
maybe i don’t have to give an ounce of me at all
‘specially because i got no stock left for love from mine’s evolving
i do no involving
you don’t give a quarter bout this happen stance or
frequent chance that i’ll be packin’ back
and if i see any more moments of the matter fact
i may
stay calm, i know what’s wrong
got no more ideas in the bag
i don’t wanna put too much stock into it
but i know it when i’ve hit enough
always been ok with this stuff
think i’ve been flesh built enough since the get+go and god i hope i reach above
you know enough about love
time to reach everything make it all nothing then
repeat the process ’til numb

business never once defined you+ (my, my)
my aim’s so inaccurate
never have i once found (you)
you call me your kin
blame your family like they’re sin
didn’t ask but once again
can we look against again
(against again)



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