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tulus – stories untold lyrics


above the colourless cold,
through the winds of the shivering night.
stories obscure and untold
carried by ravens in flight.
finding and keeping the truth,
hiding the grief in their hearts.
stories of aged and of youth,
of the child, where the history starts.
circling the woods and the time,
finding the tale of the gatherer.
searching the gruesome, the crime,

uncovering acts of the torturer.
they darken the sky,
mendaciousthey fly,
darken the sky,
wordless they die.
chasing the uncovered trails,
never losing the scent.
observing the goulish details,
knowing, their only ontent.
eyes on the frostbitten land,
moonlight on feathers like gold.
a simple and silent command,
the stories will never be told.