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tumilz kalashnikov – violation lyrics


[verse 1 + rulz]
stupid silly n+gga wanna see me dragged down
but i’m never going down cuz i got what it takes
never gonna make u cool cuz i’m hot
i’m gonna make u pay for your sins
gonna make u pay for the sh+t that you’ve done
you never gon go free cuz u such a freak
i’m gon rule u cuz i got the crown
i’m a king my n+gga
c4 n+gga
blowing each linez like e40 n+gga
u gon see me n+gga
walk on the sea like peter
drown this b+tch i k!ll her
sick in the game
i’m iller
take your sight grab a pillar
make it red my n+gga
go sampson sh+t ma n+gga
my daddy a butcher so i’m gon beef on n+ggaz
[verse 2 + tumilz]
i’m bringing em frees to f+ck up a gee
get masa to sleep, ain’t ready for gist
i f+ckin insist, its best to resist
this luger i squeeze gon burst up your ribs
how do you get this demon to bleed
they could tell when they step to a fiend
who said life’s not fair, should listen to this and prolly get skinned
i got one life left
i don’t talk to a b+tch after a one night stand
step into the ring like a f+ckin van damm
brush up your t++th like its full of germs
brush up your t++th with a arm and hammer
brush up your t++th if you talk to your father
knock off your t++th till you got no other with your dirty ass left in the gutters
oh god this is so sick
icecream on her yansh, this is so sweet
that’s all she got to taste a good d+ck
super flexy, hopе she learned a fеw trick
we go all and harder
got the bf peepin then we blow rounds aim at his neck till i fall am scatter
weigh a modafaka head on a scale , got this sh+t on a serving platter

[verse 2 + rulz]
i got n+ggaz on scope
yea i’m going for the head lyka b+tch
real dope n+ggaz always going for the k!ll
blowing each linez lyka m16
that’s why n+ggaz don’t get on my vest
cuz none of this sh+t gon pierce ma vest
lil john q i’ma open your chest
yo! what ever i do that u hate
put it right back yea! i’m patching it up
king rulz i’m a god emcee
got n+ggaz coming for the prophecy
family coming for your autopsy
crash your party with a jet
ain’t dj khaled but i tell you we the best!
came into the game but i’m wrapping it up
like messi boy just pass me tha mic
took this sh+t to soaring height
temp. read 100 fahrenheit
chewing more than i can bite
wen i get on board n+ggaz scared of flight
left this n+ggaz dead on track
always going for the pricy task
usain bolt i’ma run u down
lyka lefty n+ggaz can’t do this right
[verse 4 + tumilz]
rappers are mad that i’m back to ignite the light
i clap these m+f+es while keepin it tight
any rapper that drop bars to attack, i react like a chemical, give them a blast
f+ck it imma give them some slaps
they my kids, imma give them some lashes
turn these niqqas to my dawg, if they claim a goat, imma feed them some grasses
they not in my class, i level up like beauty and graduated
i’m pulling strings never gonna miss a fish, this data programmed not calculative
pretty girls are salivating
brokes boys are gallivanting
i broke a n+ggas wrist and he called his momma who prolly came for avengeance
that sh+t offend me
get off my d+ck you f+cking kids
they ask how holy is your f+ckin script
i write bars in a f+ckin crypt
so lay off my sh+t or you gon f+ckin k!ll
lay off my sh+t if you don’t want disaster
i shoot faster than clark on a roller coaster
hot headed in qatar
lots of lots of drama got me a cold heart in alaska
i match this when i practice i got wavy tactics
when i write these abc’s
if you n+ggas not lit better not please “f” with a gee on a blazing spree
i hit a n+gga from the moshpit for sayin sh+t and a n+gga f+ckin got 6 punches free
a niqqa gone with a face lift, broken legs not neat, dude barely walk on his knees