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turn the page – rubberbands lyrics


they say a wise man can see all through the bottom of a whale
but a fool can’t from a mountain top
i rise to the occasion when i rhyme on a track
even ls can see that with the eyes on his back
and even though i admit it
took a minute to master this
pushing anything beyond its limits
can get real disastrous
i’m crazy
i plan years in advance
a true lyricist do ain’t got á serious chance to fail me
and although this tape was picked together last second
i don’t give a f-ck i’m smoking week with the hash in it
all blacks seven [?]
so i don’t want [?]
unless there’s cash in it
don’t you see this
the remix mixtape
sick taste of my mouth from what i was speaking over
just wait
the last rebel that’s left
my arm’s to short to short to box with god
so i beat the devil to death
but never the less
this critics is never impressed
so never mind that
they ain’t on my level i guess
let’s turn the page