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tuzzakan – astro boy lyrics


(“astro boy lyric”)

yas aye
this is a tuzzakan
this’ a ghost artist
d+mn! boratwent2 b+tch!

astro boy astro boy astro boy (b+tch)
astro boy astro boy you’re too young if dunno it
astro boy astro boy if you wanna know
let game it on (yah yah yah yah)

[verse i]
i dunno what to do
i dunno where to go
i dunno call to who
‘cus ខ្ញុំគ្មានគូ
hear the beat
sit ‘n write lyric in my bedroom
turn autotune on
i dunno the rest of my life look like
i just wanna get high but not get die
i don’t chase a b+tch
i don’t chase a hoe
i don’t wanna die young
i need f+ck someone too

[verse ii]
i dunno if you still love me
i dunno what you’re thinkin’ of me
but i have the lucid dream that you keep me falling (ooh ooh ouh)

astro boy
you never know
he can fly with a rocket on his feet
i can fly up to the sky too
by smoking weed (yeah)

astro boy astro boy astro boy (hoo)
astro boy astro boy astro boy (tho)
astro boy astro boy
a robot with a heart
but you never see the way, you just wanna let it go
[verse iii]
astro boy
he is small, but can’t go easy
i’m new លើប្រឹថពី, but don’t mass wit me
if you judge me
go judge yourself first
‘cus you can k!ll yourself wit your own words (uno!)

c’mon see dat featuring wit tuzzakan man (yeah)

មិនដឹងថា ពេលនេះគេកំពុងតែធ្វើអ្វី
ជក់កញ្ឆា តែមិនជក់ម៉ា
លេងតន្រ្តី តែមិនលេងស្រី (aah hoo hoo hoo auh aye)

[verse i]
that melody is sick after hear the beat for 1 minute
my heartbeat stops លោត after see you are in a relationship
i drink 6 cans, i drunk so bad
‘cus you make my heart break
i don’t hate you, but i wish i do
i don’t wanna see your shadow in my room anymore
no pain
no gain
i’m still me
from gentleman
this is boratwent2 b+tch

[verse ii]
new artist, new song
astro boy (yee yee)
astro boy astro boy astro boy (yah yah)
astro boy astro boy astro boy (yeah yeah haha aye)

ស្ដាប់លេងចុះ ព្រោះខ្ញុំធ្វើលេងទេ
កុំប្រកាន់អី ចេះតែសរសេរទៅ ព្រោះទំនេរ
ណាមួយគ្មានសង្សា អត់មានអ្នក caring me
nothing to say more
bye… yeah…