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tvot – slipping away lyrics


i took your love for granted until you disappearedthe
road i lost i have to find
i don’t know where they came from
i don’t know why they’re here
they keep distorting my mind
the monkeys on my doorstep
the lizards in my car
how can i make them go away?
i’m running through this jungle
away from where they are
but i keep falling down
again and again

what is the use of going on when all you do is cry?
i realise it is hopeless but i just keep wondering why
exorcise these demons in me
they seem to have me enslaved
i’m feeling heavy and i’m walking on ice
so here i am down on my knees
the walls are closing on me
my heart is turning cold
aldous’ door is open wide
never antic-p-ted this world is so bold
i think i’ve seen too much of the other side
can you hear the statues falling every single night?
in darkness i wrap myself, afraid to see the light