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twilight ophera – midnightmare lyrics


in this gloomy ravine where vanquished spirits
gather to divulge the mighty anthem
of devastation and ruin
i established the magical coven
on the illumination of the flickering candles
i summon thee, beholders of the enclosing darkness
spirits of the fallen, triumph of serpents
i demand thee to arrive among my requisition
and look what the might shall bring forth

magisterial splendour of witchcraft and pandemonium
twilight in its ultimate climax
embraces my stimulated body
with terminal, malicious revelation
prelude of the forces of h-llish cavalry arrive
dreadful moon arises upon the midnight sh-r-
lurid consequence of twisted lore
anquished souls wait in the flames of sorrow
and the taste of their blood in the midnight horror
preductive reflect on the voluptous wine
like portrait of the devil in the l-strous shrine

once in a millennium shall mortal
distinquish this poisonous sign
this ferocious episode and foreboding
symbols of fear and despite

as tenebrous dusk veils me in the velvet cradle
luscious act of the gruesome theater
soars in the crescendo
i unchain the majestic hordes of hades
among my ruinous malediction
demons and ravenous spirits have arrived
to chastice weak souls…

and weak art thou who praise the illusive divinity