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two coïns – ocean lyrics


[verse 1]
he heads off into the sea
unaware he should try to flee
the water tears chunks in his hull
meaning he starts to feel quite dull
it rips away, taking a toll
and he begins to lose control

[verse 2]
going through the motions without life
not even a hint or a sign of strife
where am i? he asks
because he has lost focus on his tasks
nothing to do, no words to say
nothing can prevent a loss of way

[verse 3]
he finds some land
a sense of hope
but it’s false; a pretense to cope
he feels so alone in the sea of others
almost as if he’s being smothered
he feels so alone, no matter how much he’s shown
that others truly care but aren’t aware that he is haunted
by his own stare