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ty farris – brands of high quality lyrics


very motherf+cking focus. bars over, n+gga. big ghosts. let’s get this sh+t going, n+gga. yeah
[verse 1:]
been at the target range with a mac
your favorite rapper face what i’m aiming at
i paint tracks with a pavement crack
y’all cooking raps like white girls like where the flavor’s at
hard to believe you mean when you rock clothes that belong
on the lady’s rack i’m stating facts this ain’t no propaganda
cops with scanners trying to catch me i disappear [like design addy, drop the panda! ??]
this pandemic showed your true colors
it’s in black and white just like the blues brothers
a tyrant with talеnt watching all the fools suffer
it could get vеry ugly used to fight a lot truth fairies love me
war weady on the couch with the pumps just like peggy bundy
i used to sell bud to kelly along with the percocets
just picture a ted dibiase choke hold on the turkey’s neck
that’s my competition they gasping for breath
diss me like dr. kevorkian. you asking for death?
i hit ghost , said this sh+t is easy i can dance with the best
don’t gamble with your career if you can’t handle the bet, motherf+cker

hey, yo, it’s very simple, man. when you see our names, it’s synonymous with high quality and integrity

[verse 2:]
ayo i mind my own business ’cause yours can never help to profit me
street philosophy trying to make quality with quantities
honestly, it’s a rigorous discipline if you lift the sh+t
’cause the school of hard knocks never came with a syllabus
i’m k!lling sh+t. my mama maiden name was voorhees
so poison the poor fiends that coordinated my court fees
you see my tracks? crazy like an addict wearing short sleeves
mafia ties jimmy hoffa may be under my grandma floor beams where i’m from unfortunately, you can’t file a grievance
for the s+m+n mixed with demons a future felon from the fetus
but i maneuver like a g+nius, see a g it ain’t in your gene pool
you can feel the pain of rocky watching apollo creed loose
i’m rebooting the c student turn huey newton
i peep movements righteous warriors me, nash, and p shooting
a activist against wack rappers that be wave surfing
the same person but now people get paid when i write my name cursive

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