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ty infinite – that’ll work lyrics


ty infinite’s here!
mic check, one, two
turn my mic up
check it

[1st verse]
time to fill with sickness, down with it?
kicking it like germany-brazilian business
it’s nothing to spit the illest
causing stillness in the hearts of millions
so wait until i make it to the top
no more baking of the pot, man i’m focused with a plot
any bogus kick rocks, a cocaine never locked
so sniff it, never walk again
cause my batch is the potent
deadly, attacking like dosage is overloaded
and you ain’t have the whole thing
so suppose what’ll happen on the second hit
rebirth of person in the he-rs-
and just to die another time from the third one
i’ll rip any mic with addictive lines
take no time with nonfictious rhymes
unlike the predicament of fake rappers trying
take notes yo, man i’m taking what’s mine
crown of the town i live in, country’s next
i’m giving fair forewarning
i’m livid enough to trek a universal pillage
cause i ain’t getting the respect i deserve
all of this hard work stacking these sk!lls
to k!ll all rappers who stand in my way yo
i’m just rapping right now, wait until the cl-ssics’ out
but first i’m obscuring the wacks that out

(that’ll work) protagonist antagonizing
(that’ll work) words get blurted like i’m packing nines and
(that’ll work) irrationally rationalizing
(that’ll work) this lurking curse became past time and that’ll work

(that’ll work) protagonist antagonizing
(that’ll work) words get blurted like i’m packing nines and
(that’ll work) irrationally rationalizing
ty infinite’s here!

[2nd verse]
n-debt and slawth started the k!lling of all fake rappers
well this is the genocide, i’m the g.o.f.r. and wielding daggers
stabbing you b-st-rds in the front, not the back
man that’s for coward actors sneak dissing
but when you see them, they friend but you ain’t listening
go die and rot and feel the pulse of the maggots
i’ve progressed faster in two years
than you have in your whole career
(what’s up with that?)
and you claim been doing this sh-t for your whole life
so why you still suck?
just check the music homie, it don’t lie
unlike your false self masking all your faults well
you’re soon to be uncovered, discovered so bro it’s all well
i’ve mastered flowing, i’ll sack your boat
and attack the boasting wack f-ggot soaking
this no roasting, i’m loco, imposing
and no, it won’t quit yo


[3rd verse]
i’m superhuman, my computing unit infinitely zooming
never quitting with the fuming
two nukes wouldn’t even near the booming of this rage of late
so stay away, i swear i’ll lose it
and let loose the atomics of the apocalypse
i swear i’ll do it
nike check causing catastrophic m-ssive bombings
i’m about to graduate to hydrogen, i like sh-t lawless
so bye-bye mr. government and all its followers
and also all the fraudulent song talkers (see ya!)
picking up the pace a little bit
a little quicker than the most can even follow
and belittle compet-tion
taking out the garbage like it’s tuesday
exing all on my sh-t list so get this
ty infinite is here and he ain’t c-cky, he’s confident
so get ready cause there ain’t no way of stopping him


and there you have it