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tyfromthefuturr – pavement lyrics


[hook: tyfromthefuturr]
you will get sleeped and then left on the pavement my guns is singing like they going places, just listen up cause it’s not complicated gon say it once do not make me repeat it

many of you is shooting and only is missing now it is time cook the pot in the kitchen, clean up the scene and there wasn’t a witness ain’t saw a thing it’s a fact i ain’t snitching

he leak like faucet i ran through his pockets don’t drip on me cause my guys gonna rob ya, you know i’m fit for this sh+t i’m a stunna i’m a rockstar i got flow like i’m gunna

all of these people just tryna be somеthing most of these f+ckers will nеver be nothing, this generation of young drug abusers fast on they ass now they die without bruises

[verse: tyfromthefuturr]
stay with my partners a party like rasta i’m now popping off like champagne shaken bottle, abandoned and nauseous then make him unconscious he wake up in dirt and then die when he saw us

my flow so r+t+rded but held back suspension i’m really just stalling my guys in your house, now tell me where you keep your most precious things so i’ll call up my bro and say this what i found

better not waste my time or sh+t gon go real bad really fast, get pushed to edge on your behalf i ain’t k!lling you/you can do that for yourself

i was growing up raised getting hit by the belt maybe that explains why i am like this now, i don’t care though imma still stay who i am if you come around me you gon get sn+tched back b+tch

got a nice shine on my t++th no dentist got my perms in face full of dancers, vvs shine so bright it be hitting them light beam straight to your eyes it’s blinding

king of this world toxic on purpose your pain gives me thrills, i love my demons how they make me feel they tell me things that i needed and hear make it so clear

your house all white i got plenty of colors dark ones to light ones to beautiful numbers, we don’t split sh+t i got it undercover and i swear i will k!ll these undercovers

these pigs is loud and we know that they coming we got enough time take they sh+t get to running, red and blue lights got us moving faster uh you can’t catch us dirty b+st+rds
fades always come on sight if i’m wrong then i’m right if i’m right thats right, i do not slip f+ck up in life i’m a king watch this imma be here all night

i could say something bout big booty b+tches but i like serving and getting to business, my money long paid it off all expenses d+mn my girl bag it was h+lla expensive

look at my face say i look great say something less and it’s death by day, lighting my way you making stains in your pants soon as you seen me “please!”

she on her knees only for me that was your girl now she on for my team, wet on the scene i’ll make her scream after that she acting like billie jean