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tyga 300 – too deep lyrics


remember them days a n+gga looking so skinny
wtf , i can’t even go out cos ion get no penny
had no phone, sold my clothes anytime it was sunny pockets so dry infact i ain’t got no money
anytime i close my eyes i pray the good god will hear me
take me from this jungle so that i can live happily
i put my heart on ice,duble cup and sip henny
to heal the pain and keep my mind from all this memories

imma swerve on all these n+gga’s , when i buy this bentley , flex on all these groupie b+tches who didn’t love me ll never say a word when you say shid bout da family, will rather pay my bill but not to waste time on your penny . cross my heart and promise never to lie on my hommie’s
i put my all in this shid so d+mn it will pay me
dont wanna die young so i gotta keep it 300
poverty is a disease and surely i will overcome it


am in too deep 3x
ain’t no turning back now

am in too deep 3x
d+mn am stacked in the streets

watching myself & my dreams getting stepped on
fighting demons in my sleep trynna make it out
always posted on the block trynna work things out
my people change , i never change ain’t no changing me
go get it by myself is all a n+gga know
ratty told me stay strong you know we gotta blow
what we don’t tell i hope you know they don’t know??
am in the streets forever ganging is f+ck all of ya

we chasing papers , not the haters done with all your favours
i need the luis with the gucci and some expensive jewelries
am rocking fendi with some burberry ain’t no checking me