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ty’jule – no one lyrics


girls try hard to replace you, but they can’t
you declined dms from most guys
your hair is curly, and your body is curvy
you perform several layups
you’re promoting your merchandise
you stay out of a lot of drama
you ignored your haters
freestyle’d with me, you were good at rapping
some people make it seem as if you’re a cheater to your boyfriends
told me your secret, but i told n-body
girls want your job, but they can’t have it
your acrobats are impressive
we’re jumping on a trampoline
like to kiss your belly b-tton
i’ll caress your body
your behavior shows me that you’re happy
you shave my beard
you deserve a six-figure salary
i can understand that you’re on your period
we work on projects together
i got you a bouquet of flowers
we have a tripod, so we can take photos
i like your poses in your photos