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tyler the creator – sarah lyrics



i like my girls skinny with brains
i like my hoodies f-cked with lane
i like my friends imaginary with no names
and i make music for the f-ck of it, no fame
aim, shoot, the gun of love, round
tried to find ammo but it’s none around town
so i went down south but i ended up north
uptown sittin’ on cloud 9’s white porch
and of course, my car’s off course
you’re so white, my blinkers don’t work
i’m tryna let the force, be with you, i get you
music is my first, but i contemplate divorce
you make a n-gg- sing songs nice
you make a n-gg-‘s night turn day
and you make the flowers sing say turn green yellow
it sucks that i didn’t get the chance to say h-llo
i wanna eat you out like jello
and mess with your body like the base and the cello
and tell your mom i said h-llo, you wanna go to prom? (n-gg- h-ll no!)
f-ck (sh-t) and another one, and on another one

another love song about sh-t
and i’ll be rich if i get another diss
and maybe cupid won’t miss

i like her l-i-k-e, the only difference is she won’t f-ck with me
but she will f-ck with that vegetable with the hairs full of x’s and o’s
i wanna tie her body up and throw her in my bas-m-nt
keep her there, so n-body can wonder where her face went
(tyler, what you doin’?) shut the f-ck up
you gon’ f-ckin’ love me b-tch
but all i really want is a kiss on the cheek
in private, not public in the streets
and your cupcake i will eat and your toes
cause i got a big fetish with the feet
i just want somebody i can see
you can be a gold digger, you ain’t gotta love me
i’m serious, i don’t ask for much
your heart literally is what i do want for lunch
now this sh-t is turnin’ to a habit
i’m the burger king, i gotta have it my way
and truthfully girl you really make my day
i would probably kill myself if you told me you was gay
and i can’t even look the other way
your aura is a magnet, my eyes a metal bag, it’s attractive
l-o-l laughin’, you’re a gold oscar and i’m just actin’
and i want your sin in my hole, and have our kids play supportin’ role
climbin’ up the pole, jack and the beanstalk, b-tch it’s gold
and i was in loath, i would never get over you, ever, sarah

another love song about sh-t
and i’ll be rich if i get another diss
and maybe cupid won’t miss

half your body layin’ on my chest
the rest is in my stomach, that’s includin’ your breast
and i’mma just take another guess
now you probably wishin’ that you woulda said yes
am i crazy? maybe, but f-cked up is how i been lately
sh-t, i don’t give a f-ck, your family lookin’ for you, wish ’em good luck
b-tch, you tried to play me like a dummy
now you stuck up in my motherf-ckin’ bas-m-nt all bl–dy
and i’m f-ckin’ your dead body, your coochie all c-mmy
lookin’ in your dead eyes, what the f-ck you want from me?
what did you want from me? what did you want from me?