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ultra vivid scene – she screamed lyrics


the sun comes up like acetylene
curtain opens on some ultra vivid scene
lynne is crawling on her hands and knees
and when tries to smile her face just snaps and bleeds

-so line them up and try it again
haven’t felt that since god knows when
it’s like fire and it’s like ice
and it’s like being in paradise

and she screamed
oh yeah she screamed

losing focus on a moving still
her body shivers on the terror of thrill
and she feel daring and is looking for a lark
and so she ate half of that
aow she can see in the dark

repeat –

are you lost or are you found
or are you somewhere spinning round
waking up into a real life dream
you found the curtain is open on a well lit scene

and she screamed
oh yeah, she screamed

and she screamed
oh yeah, she screams