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unaverage gang – melted brains lyrics



k!llin every f+cken body in this game
all the pain that i go thru feel same
there’s many things you b+tches won’t admit
but i can see right thru you, cut the sh+t
couple overdoses, from over powederin your noses
watch your body lay flat, lifeless as it decomposes
why you f+ckbois always wanna act like posers?
we didn’t choose this f+cken game, this game chose us


rather stay at home then go out f+ckin with snakes
a lot fake ass mothaf+ckas acting like they amazed
be the first stab my back but be the last to engage
if you p+ssys got a problem we can square up today

f+ck off my sh+t
walk through the crypt
blade to yo wrist
now watch all that blood drip
all about my money never catching me rest
keep on sneaking with them disses
will get yo shot in the head, p+ssy boy