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unhinged – notime lyrics


this b+tch keep ringin my line n i ain’t got time to conversate

i’m trapped in my mind i don’t understand the normalities so i can’t relate

introverted so i cannot maintain the conversation i don’t have time to stay

i would love to sit and chat but i’m antisocial and cannot waste my time today

i’m sorry babe i cannot maintain a relationship i’m moving on so i cannot commit like central cee i got commitment issues but i ain’t tryna fix that for you i’m trapped in doom n gloom n ain’t got the time for you

i’m writing songs not paragraphs i’m doing me not us so don’t act like we can have a chat talk about love n the future coz i ain’t on that i’d rather have a quick beat, delete n nevеr come back n you can call your brother or your dad or both i don’t care i’m on combat got 2 fl!cks n 2 f+ck off bladеs with a baseball bat n a pair of knuckle dusters i’m ready for war take out 5 man like sp+ce invader cl+sters

i’m on smoke i don’t do relationships, i promised i wouldn’t get involved in beef but that’s all ya ever know when you’ve lived in the slums n streets for an ugly ima heartbreaker lyrically or physically body a few wannabes or mcs bury them like an undertaker

ima piece of sh+t i know this i’ll lead ya on for a few weeks n disappear like hocus pocus gotta maintain my focus it wasn’t you it was me that broke us i can’t keep up with the calls n the texts n the meeting sh+t like i said i ain’t got time for a b+tch

bit of a heartless don would ya rather me end it now or carry on? i don’t care for your love i don’t care for your efforts i jus wanna live my life n not worry about commitments coz im a bit incompetent a bit of a confusing one

i can’t describe myself with all the words in the dictionary i tried to warn ya but you thought the conversation was just imaginary now realities hit everything i warned you about came true isn’t it kinda scary?

next time listen to the man you talk to next time don’t be a pr+ck n think what he’s saying isn’t true ima learning curve for most of you b+tches ima confusing guy that can’t be fixed with medication or a therapist

i don’t have the ability to feel human connection i don’t feel at home on earth maybe i was an experiment maybe i’m a robot being sent from another constellation maybe my brain just isn’t developed fully that’s probably why i lack concentration

i’m all or nothing i move quick like a train with no breaks entering the station my brain ain’t wired the same or maybe i’m just complacent one things for sure stepping into my mind is like stepping into a dark bas+m+nt