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unknown radicals – melancholy lyrics


haven’t been seeing you like i should
why haven’t i seen your beautiful face
did we fight, no goodbyes
it’s been long since you smiled
what is it about time
why is it all so familiar
can’t afford another failure in love
wes we trust yes we fall
is it l-st… booty calls
2 am too involved
few missed calls i’m wondering if it’s from you

i’ve just been thinkin’ bout it all
i guess we think we knew it all
what did you think you were doing
why did you call it off
why did you leave a note saying don’t find me anymore

so i guess all of the times that you undressed for me in my room you wasn’t serious
what about all the times that you said you loved me i’m furious
haven’t been thinkin’ bout you as much but still can’t deny that you stuck in my head
the last time i saw you girl this is what you said
don’t touch me don’t find me don’t call me, i ain’t real
then what was all of this for
i’m stuck on the floor crying everything out till my core hurts
but i guess, that’s just how it is right
so… you tellin’ me that you don’t miss me
tellin’ me that you don’t miss we
tellin’ me that you don’t miss the nights
that i used to stay over until about three
so you tellin’ me all this didn’t matter
tellin’ me all this ain’t subject matter
well the fact of the matter is…. i’m hurt

i’ve been tryin to change all the things that you hated
all the things i used to do
just us 2
2 in the picture
pixelated forever
girl i want you forever

[guitar solo]

peeewww peeew