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urge overkill – last train to heaven lyrics


last train to heaven
well i caught it just in time
pullin’ out of new mexico
that’s where i did my crime –
i made a man swing
from a necktie made of twine
but they’ll never catch me
cause i jumped this no. 9
– it’ll all be fine

wait a minute – stop this thing
some cajun hoodoo fate –
this train is loaded down
gotta cargo full-o-hate
i axed them where it was
this speedball liner’s bound
and they were laughing hyenas
as they pointed to the ground
– we’re going down

last train to heaven
what a goddam fool i been
open up that burnin stove
for a shovel full-o-sin
fear is the conductor
and confusion rings the bell
all aboard the black diamond
– express train straight to h-ll

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