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uriah heep – suicidal man lyrics


waitin’ by the window
starin’ at my shadow
not believin’ what i? d seen
touchin’ but not feelin’
and wonderin’ what i was dealin’
and not knowin’ where i’d been

so i began walkin’
to myself i was talkin’
but didn’t know which way to go
then i found a direction
and now i needed some action
but i should have just said no
should have said no

why won’t you help me
or give me hand?
’cause i’m close to becomin’
a suicidal man
what i need is someone
with a definite plan
for i’ve waited for just about
as long as i can

suicidal man, suicidal, suicidal
suicidal man

so on my travels
still with all my troubles
i found someone who cared
the answer was so easy
that all she did to please me
was to say a problems smaller
when it’s shared

he was a suicidal man
he was a suicidal man
he was a suicidal man
he was a suicidal man
who was a suicidal man?
who was a suicidal man?

want in me
want me dust
want me in everybody
come on
oh yeah
oh yeah
oh yeah