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urltv – aye verb vs. hollow da don (rematch) lyrics


[round 1: aye verb]
the con’ read, “five minutes”, i said, “let’s she” call this bobsledding
cause i’m sliddin’, straight out the gate
my drive back
full clip loaded with the side pack
it’s gon’ be screams if you n+ggas f+ck wit’ me, no climax
let me rewind back
i did it the fastest, my time tracked
and y’all ain’t never shown me love, right?
but you still gotta look up to me like imax
let me rhyme smack
this real beef, brought my prime back
30 times that
get 30 30’d in a pine bat, n+gga where yo’ pride at?
surf got in power and hijacked
the only rapper who stood strong, y’all n+ggas, ya spine’s cracked
so i’m wildin’ again
that flow growlin’ again
lose in new york? smack sent that wire, why don’t we try that again?
k!lled you and ‘tez the same way, at that time y’all was friends
after y’all died, n0body came to my island again
n+gga you can send clowns, you can get it shakin’, tell ’em “spin now”
whatever cloth y’all cut from, gets pinned down
lom stand for “loyal”, i’m thinkin’ like “b+tch how?”
can’t be loyal if yo’ friends back then ain’t yo’ friends now
that’s a fact!
the end, i gotta get that sack
d+ends, they gotta go get that sack
another fact
i’m just still warmin’ up
hollow i’m strapped, listen
gangstas don’t dance to don, that’s for the hoodlums
us ballers do a sl!ck two step
kinda like a euro
you number one? i’m more than one
i’m plural, i can bring it to you or come get it n+gga like toro
i’m deadin’ the skies above you, just trapped up inside a [?]
i can rap with morals and get pack and make powder boil
i’m like popeye, i stay with a stick b+tch; olive oyl
hollow, uh huh, you can’t be the man if i can lil’ boy you
as a child i was mentally broken and stole on
you n+ggas couldn’t walk in my shoes, my soul gone
ave wanna dance wit’ verb, i picked da don
it makes sense, just to bust up this p+ssy and skip the prom
this a different drum
i match don, this sh+t for fun
i done socked you up two rounds already, n+gga get you one
i’m just throwin’ facts, all that gossip be in yo’ raps
i don’t plan out no d+mn attack
i get gothic, i go in black
what’s poppin’, i am not them n+ggas, b+tch i am that
40 stuffed in the old school
rappers now, we need a pistol more than protools
hollow the goat, he like a ghost, n+ggas he go through
ain’t scared of ghost, to be a ghost, somebody smoked you n+gga
bring back the old you
this is not the guy i know
i like the other one
i’ma plant ya weird ass in the ground and grow another one
i’m troublesome
silencers on it sound like a b+tch who poppin’ bubblegum
violence was chosen
you a mothaf+ckin’ fiend
we know you f+ckin’ wit’ the d
look at his face, we gotta face it, he could never be clean (qleen)
weapon machine
yes you met wolverines, special fatigue
attitude is nothin’ less than extreme
“tec with the beam. go get reckless and scream.”
“say what you?”
“just do it. on erybody. i put a check on they team.”
that’s a nike flip
my writings such a reckless routine
remember me?
“soul flyin'”, such a special lil’ scheme
remix, his soul flyin’
think like clyde drexler with wings
from the moment you n+ggas met me i’m me
it’s goin’ up i’m goin’ left like ali
you bet’ not pet me i’m mean
knife to ya queen wet…she let out an excellent scream
if i didn’t slit half her throat this b+tch she prolly could sing
shoulder strap, hold the strap like a sling
what it’s gon’ be?
one man, multiple holes (hoes), y’all know poly my thing
beatin’ me? that window close, i hit x on that screen
see, you n+ggas take the beatings
but i’ma fall for these broads
it’s like i became kano i read in a blog
n+gga nah
you don’t rap, all you do is expose
who did what and swear to god, man these n+ggas is hoes
[round 1: hollow da don]
last time you was here and you was rappin’
you was versus casey and you just brought her out and still got no reaction
i had to cut back on the trees
i am a grinder
if n+ggas lose some sh+t, i+i+i help them look for it…i am a finder
bro why am i even here? i need some information
and everything pointed at you, that’s the indication
you d+mn near got me openin’ the card, and i ain’t want an invitation
cause you can’t even get a plate without hearin’ no boos, people got their reservations
are we gettin’ yoga verb or yoda verb?
could any one of them go to verb and tell ’em we tired of that spoken word?
i got somethin’ that i owe verb
so i load up somethin’ old verb
all you see is me wavin’ (wave and) two caps, like the old verb
n+gga, f+ck you and jason tatum
i tie up everybody in st. louis make ’em pray to jada
and say steph curry’s they favorite player
n+gga i’ll hide ya newborn inside a honda two+door
then hide the honda two+door inside a u+haul and drive it too far
i’m outta my mind but i promise you all
but before i leave i gotta school y’all
i’m dr. umar i’ve got a+
enough’s enough
i could have my female cousin f+ck him up
new york sliced pizza, y’all thinkin’ he just a buck
nah, slice for cheap
smack, i heard you doin’ budget cuts
i said, guntitles what up?
that back and forth with you and surf? that sh+t was unique
my n+gga, how you callin’ out a n+gga you beat?
how you bloggin’ ’bout a n+gga for weeks?
worst part is, he consider it beef
he left holes in surf in chicago
then chased him for eight summers
before the battle? yeezy
after the battle? wave runner
but our battle, he had his best performance
classic sh+t
he still ain’t k!ll me and i freestyled half the sh+t
i mean, so let’s update it
the bars hit, enter lines
he’s talkin’ he’s feminized
the g+y n+gga that hate women, the target’s been identified
i can picture him rollin’ his eyes walkin’ inside a vegan spot
like, “what?! y’all ain’t got the beyond beef in stock?
you ’bout to get the same treatment jesus got!”
n+gga all that sh+t old
but let me ask you this, do you know about them robbin’ you?
.40 cents an hour you
wal+mart/mcdonalds you
alpha, bravo and charlie you
nah, he don’t know ’bout that time he still slavery ended
he don’t peep they made an amendment that gave an acceptance
we in a simulation, it’s a system so i’m playin’ against it
but, he can’t get deep like this, to me it’s a no brainer
i done shared cells with traffickers, cocainers
in the 90’s that made that white girl look good; topanga
we can do the ten step [?]; lone ranger
guaranteed he get left mean; joe fraizer
i said, then i grab the second pound
c+ck it, it’s extra loud
and then ooooooooh, you it ain’t a second round!