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urltv – emerson kennedy vs. jey the nitewing lyrics


[round 1: jey the nitewing]
bar code, right?
as in…diesel’s clique, right?
what’s wrong with this picture?
am i that intimidatin’? can’t even talk wit’ a n-gg-?
i just wanted to talk wit’ the n-gg-
you was doin’ all that talkin’ my n-gg-
so how does this go (sisqo), i’m supposed to k!ll his dawg, man?
‘what these b-tches want’ from a n-gg-?
this silly to me, but i’m one of one so the n-gg- couldn’t match me
what we got instead?
kennedy, another n-gg- who died in the backseat
if you ask me, this ain’t really a shot for me
i mean my rise prolly got to y’all
the way i see it you got to me
emerson…whatchu got for me?
can’t hold precedence on top of me, i’m the king
if i say a n-gg- dead, n-gg- this ain’t no democracy
now y’all can be as mad as y’all want to be, we don’t give f-cks
under dogs, that’s been us, but nitewing you just can’t trust
“n-gg- f-cked up his last two”
yeah, that’s true…so after i 30 this n-gg-, then what?
how it’s lookin’ tonight
cause if it’s lookin’ light, blame it on his haircut
n-gg- you can’t-
aye, nico, what’s the narrative bro?
you know how a n-gg- show up for you and then his character shows
it’s like now, i mean, i booked kennedy but…got marilyn monroe
you can’t tell me i ain’t earned a spot
’cause n-gg-, i been earned a spot
northwest, we backed some of y’all after doin’ worse a lot
and you never heard a word, you put y’all n-gg-s first, some kinda nerve you’ve got
r.i.p. to slim, the only time we ever said he ain’t deserved the shot
this is murder, i give a f-ck what you thought it would be
trust and believe, it’s no positives f-ckin’ with me
i’mma be responsible for another no show, ’cause here come the police
pushin’ n-gg-s back, tellin’ them there’s nothin’ to see
i can’t listen to a n-gg- kickin’ knowledge just to jump in the league
when it come to checkin’ n-gg-s temperatures, i got a f-ckin’ degree
this ain’t a match that you should’ve booked and this ain’t a punch you can read
every line jumped…i show up lookin’ to slide somethin’
“f-ck you do that for jey?”
“got a vibe from him.”
i really need answers, besides nothin’
what can you say that’s finna hurt n-gg-?
i can trade punches or words witcha, i’m the bully and the nerd n-gg-
lee harvey for real, in every round i just curve n-gg-s
hold on
muslim, woke n-gg- from salt lake – tell me that’s not what i heard, n-gg-
i said, “kg, you lyin’. put that on 4th quarter.”
that sh-t don’t even sound right
what lake you know got salt water?
see, where i’m from it’s all water, but sometimes we had no water
you feel that?
they ain’t know what livin’ by the sea meant (cement), now the flow harder
washington’s own, y’all put kennedy with a forefather
and if bar code’s ya brothers, well that just means that i’m your father
i’m back n-gg-s, trippin’ trippin’, like you ain’t even got the ch-r-s started
i can’t call it
why y’all keep g-ssin’ what they talkin’?
chuck & larry inspector: see, all i see is straight garbage
they ain’t on this level i’m on
body count on each fist, no weapon was drawn
ever since initiation, they thought a n-gg- was gone
but y’all know how a g play, i put everyone on
i’m the king
so this the n-gg- that said we should boycott j’s, right? cause n-gg-s dyin’ over ’em?
it’s crazy huh?
boy got jey’s rights and now you dyin’ over ’em
and while he die, i’m over him
foot on his chest so he can see the shoe
like, “j’s don’t k!ll people, b-tch n-gg-…people do
now eat the shoe.”
stomp him ’til i’m walkin’ funny like these are new
i should stomp the n-gg- out some more ’cause he creased ’em too
n-gg-s lookin’ at yo’ face like, “d-mn…were those 3’s or 2’s?”
beatin’ who?
i’m the king, p-ssy, start lettin’ it sink in
true king, i took that muhf-ckin’ stance for a reason
i still feed off the f-ckin’ hate, so i give a d-mn what you thinkin’
it’s civil war? gon’ be his last one: call him “emerson lincoln”
don’t compare me to no one
hate all you want, i done seen that
i met you b-ms on thanksgiving if i give a f-ck ’bout yo’ feedback
believe that
ya pretty boy been dead this the recap
the king back
[?] i’m puttin’ that sh-t on my back
talkin’ ’bout “hold on” b-tch n-gg- relax

[round 1: emerson kennedy]
the animosity hurt…and it’s my city worse
this growin’ craze of throwin’ shade somehow gets lost in my verse
they said the west coast stalled – lemme show him how velocity work
cause of me, one day a n.o.m.e….will travel our city first
don’t get lost in the work, i’m not fearin’ your negativity
you come for me we come for family, that’s my theory of relativity
i hate to start with threats, but if they dead in a verse
it’s cause i upped the bar how i jumped the car- sometimes you gotta connect the negative first
so it’s do’ breakin’ {claps hands} yo’ place
fo’ n-gg-s; ghostface
feelin’ greedy; no safe
i saw ya tv; don’t chase
or you can choose which type of plasma you tryin’ to donate
what happened to yo’ faith?
you had this coast crackin’, started to do the most braggin’
back to back then show stackin’
labelled you our franchise cause we thought it was “no lackin'”
but then all those chokes happened, proved you had no p-ssion
jey spit flame at big game, don’t close your own casket
all those shots of jey missin’ (jameson)
boy, you made that old fashioned
you supposed to be toe taggin’, keepin’ up the race
you know, even up the pace with the east to be the greats
jey, every time you choke east, the west reap all (reepah) them mistakes
so why we keep feedin’ you plates if you can’t lead us to the place
i was ten when the junkie pulled the heat from out the waste
i said, “pull it if you gonna pull it. i ain’t even finna wait.”
when they compare me to you, believe it ain’t the case
only one of us froze up with the reaper (reepah) in our face
boy you cheapened up my rate
stop pretendin’ like this
i knew the west in shaky hands when i saw how tender nite is (tendinitis)
boy, my fans demand the best of me, but you don’t plan your destiny
all that chokin’, yoko ono
you ruined the band (banned) legacy
there’s rounds your fans never see, so i’m wildin’ on ya man
see you go silent in ya round- jey i go silent on the stand
bet a thousand on ya man [?] sh-t
while we try to chase the truth how jey displaced this youth and he ain’t have a place to choose
you woke up and made the flo’ {claps hands}
that to me is amazin’ views
i’d rather wake up and make the flo’ then not wake up and make the news
and it’s true it hurts bodies
jey, sleepin’ on floors was worse hobbies
we survived kidnappings, my first party was search parties
but you battle for the ring, no bed but now he on the scene
how fitting he gettin’ buried out in california king
the facts is all i bring
the villain is not my equal
i bring the feelin’ to the people
he’s concealing that he’s see through
you watched the first fast & furious started feelin’ like a weasel
tried to start your franchise off from stealin’ from a diesel
you stole my bro’s style, that’s how you fight coward?
you don’t think la know the difference between diesel and dwight howard?
hop off his d-ck and stay off
call yourself “the king” you way off
n-gg-, the last time a king came to la- n-gg-, we ain’t even make the playoffs!
but i’m pat beverley, rap cleverly
don’t speak ’til e’s finished jey, he gets buried under the flo’
he made this bed, now sleep in it
these cheap gimmicks, he’s trippin’
how you choke on bars he wrote but he was still cookin’- mastered the art of choke (artichoke)
do not provoke, i’m not a joke
i only stay where corners be
where kg hit my phone, i had to pay for some lawyer fees
i paid my rent and alb-m streams
i could’ve stayed recordin’ things, but i’m gettin’ money off of –
i’m still gettin’ paid of royalties
jey…you choked versus riggz?
jey do you believe in karma? i really hoped you did
cause karma’s stealin’ from a diesel just to choke against a rig (riggz)
and this is where that truck stop
don’t tell me ya team’s strong
yo’ n-gg- ripped yo’ sleeve after a bar i saw a couple things wrong
cause it’s always n-gg-s like him that wanna seem strong
and end up provin’ they choosin’ the wrong shoulder to lean on
jey, you can see i brought it all out for you
brought the bars out for you
you ain’t no motherf-ckin’ k!ller if the n-gg- had to pull the arm out for you!

[round 2: jey the nitewing]