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urltv – snake eyez vs. anderson burrus lyrics


[round 1: anderson burrus]
anderson vers’ snake on the card
we’re in the lowest spot to be
i been ready to come back, but gettin’ no response from p
i mean, i k!lled the reach god, smack, and snake is all you got for me?
since he only gave me dot and eyez (dottin’ i’s), this’ll go across his t!
see, off the promo, i got him shook
i really made the game change
that extra effort that i put shoulda come with a pay raise
so the next time you see me cook, it better be on the main stage
y’all ever see lebron reading a book? let’s just stay on the same page
see, this is smack, where they tell me that humor is not allowed
we’re here to compete and maybe fight
this is basically hockey now
“anderson’s always jokin’ with his opponents and takin’ the comic route”
well, the next time you see me pullin’ someone’s leg, it’s ’cause i’m draggin’ the body out!
i’m ’bout to k!ll you!
you better+
i’m ’bout to k!ll you!
you better make an escape
if you’re in anybody’s top 10, they made a mistake
you’re not mook, you’re not lux, you’re never placed with the greats
you wanna be like mount rushmore? i will cave in your face!
homie, for you, this year’s gon’ be even more of a struggle
last year, we saw you gettin’ tortured by stumbles
then bad newz left you on the floor in a puddle
now a white boy’s swingin’ on snake: george of the jungle!
i’m talkin’ blood everywhere, the sight’s unsettling
his brain’s on his brain: it’s like telepathy
but i’m so good at going viral ’cause i’m nice with editing
so after i put this clip together, i’mma get eyez (eyes) on everything!
i’m talkin’ brains on the walls, the custodians angered
or a blade to his jaw like disposable razors
he tucks his face, then he falls ’cause he knows he’s in danger
i got snake in a ball like a pokémon trainer
homie, you got exposed…
[snake eyez]
what else?

[anderson burrus]
what else?
uh, you got exposed for living with your dad
i know it’s neat to pretend
but you don’t even have a bedroom or a key to get in
now, in nature, a snake curls up and falls asleep in its den
at his dad’s house, snake curls up and falls asleep in his den
plus, you can’t even drive a car
i’d imagine it’d be rough
he be packagin’ the work, takes a bag and zips it up
keeps an eye out for the opps wit’ the ratchet in the tuck
then he’s waitin’ on the corner…for his dad to pick him up
you know what’s even sadder than that?
tay roc recycles one single line, fans are instantly exposin’ it
he recycles a whole round, it took us seven years to notice it
you been cheatin’ all the fans
makes me wanna smack this clown
i got people around the building like a summer madness crowd
’cause if you’re slippin’ out the exits, we gonna track him down
this ain’t gon’ be the first time we catch snake runnin’ back around (a round)
but his pr team behind him just denyin’ it all
they’re like, “nah, it’s like when twork gets strapped in. it builds excitement for y’all.
snake’s not reusin’ a round. he’s not recyclin’, dawg.
that’s his slogan…it just happens to be five minutes long.”
i mean, how you recycle the same round…
even ike p found that funny
he did + i got him! i got you on that one
he hates me, too + that’s the big deal

how you recycle a whole round and still get 3+0’d, snake?
we’ve never seen that in a battle, like cheeko’s face
it’s the same flow, the same punchlines, the schemes don’t change
he even use the same setups like a rico case
i don’t wanna hear anybody talkin’ bout how this dude’s tough
you ain’t leavin’ until an uber or a lyft pulls up
so if we fight, someone’s gon’ have to pick you up!
and if we don’t fight…well, someone’s still gon’ have to come and pick you up
go ahead and rap, man

[round 1: snake eyez]
the box office villain is back
recyclin’ where i left y’all?
i don’t respect dawg
this white boy ain’t seasoned enough, so i brought that ramen noodle pack from the mess hall!
what’s different wit’ son!?
last year around this time, i got busy wit’ nunn
he can f+ck wit’ me? n+ggas is drunk
another cracker ass i gotta beat this close to black history month

what the f+ck you gon’ say to me, man!?
f+ck is wrong wit’ you, white boy!?
the f+ck is wrong wit’ you, n+gga!?
f+ck is wrong wit’ him? huh!? huh!?
what he gon’ say to me, man!?
“hi, my name is anderson
as a kid, my dad used to hold us hostage
i like lots of mayo and cottage cheese on my polish sausage
i had no hoes in college!”
this boy’s a diva
remember how we met, anderson? you can’t ignore this sh+t either
it was midnight madness, hotel lobby, i was comin’ through the door wit’ my visa
i said, “what up, anderson? what you doin’ after the event?”
“probably ride my bike and order some pizza”
get him the f+ck outta here, man!
get this n+gga the f+ck outta here, man!
this who y’all gon’ pay to boogie?
first quarter, gotta take a rookie?
false allegations, all for url to pay me to take a p+ssy!?
why bait him in?
i coulda stayed content
i’m comin’ off roc!
this sh+t really ain’t make no sense
as far as a look, i’m givin’ and’ one (and1), and i couldn’t even get the main event!
i weave hate
why y’all give me this cracker thinkin’ he’s safe?
i remember bein’ up north, crushin’ up graham crackers to make the perfect cheesecake
i’m sorry to my fans, man+ what!?
i’m sorry to my fans, man
‘cause i was supposed to take a savage
this white boy ain’t established
you never made a classic
the gun i’m raisin’? like yo’ mama potato salad!
i know one thing!
i ain’t gotta go to london to hit this man chest up (manchester)
you look like yo’ name jamie, b+tch: francesca!
can you withstand pressure?
factz gang, i keep a stable full of n+ggas like yo’ ancestors!
i gotta shine
bottom line: i’ll address all you white boys like comic+con
when glocks is flyin’, don’t drop a dime
reverse the emmett till sh+t, ‘cause my people still traumatized
but when i give my shooter a whistle, a white b+tch gon’ die this time
line for line, what you accomplish!?
you went to school for promise
i was in the hood, movin’ weed through the projects
i remember the first time i got off a 60, dub, and dime: luka dončić
i’m slidin’ different
not to mention, i wrote this round in a x4m
and he ‘posed to be competition!?
i gotta k!ll him!

what!? that’s benz talk!

i wrote this round in a x4m
and he ‘posed to be competition!?
i gotta k!ll him!
you’se a featherweight
you was never safe
one blade, poke his guts into pepper steak
but i’ll carve an “ab” in his grill wit’ a separate shank
since he look like ashton kutcher, watch the b+tterfly affect (effect) his face!
they think you special!?
get a win tonight? i can’t let you
mask on, i’m finna stretch you
i’ll put a mac (mac) next to this white boy like guess who?
one round down, n+gga!
one round down!
for him, it’s un+…
ayo, rap, man
rap, man

[round 2: anderson burrus]
you see, the stuff he said, it sounds good
but the truth is that it’s trash
that’s why he does well in the building, but then loses on the app
he brings these dudes here who have your back, and then uses it as a mask
y’all played metal gear solid
y’all know snake is most effective when the room is full of gas
but it sounds good
it sounds good…
again, it sounds good, but substance+wise, it isn’t that unique
but his career went in a path that it didn’t have to be
because he came to surf’s league and started feelin’ like a beast
then stumbles dropped him at midnight like a digital release
but when these cameras come on, he’s on that violent tip
he’s about that life + on film + like a biopic
but he fought stumbles and literally got his title ripped
snake was up against the wall like a hieroglyph
see, i thought…you and tony bro together woulda been tougher to fight
but you fell on top of him, and it just wasn’t your night
see, first, stumbles dropped tony…like a+
chill! hold it down
see, i thought you and tony bro together woulda been tougher to fight
but you fell on top of him, and it just wasn’t your night
first, stumbles dropped tony like a bucket of ice
then laid eyez (eyes) on him like it was love at first sight
should have run for his life
man, they wrecked this geek
they refused to leave him alone (a loan) like his credit was weak
it was pathetic to see
he got left in the streets
he was cryin’, holdin’ tony like an acceptance speech!
but now that he and stumbles are on this card, he’s gotta act like there’s no beefin’
he’s scared to see him man+to+man, so he’s…stickin’ to zone defense
you ain’t gonna go see him? leave his nose bleedin’?
do what url does and push stumbles for no reason!?
you’re a coward!
see, on bag$ and+

(+the crowd catches the stumbles punchline and react to it+)

ay! i f+ck with that though!

[anderson burrus]
(+anderson runs the last four bars back+)
on bag$ and bodies, hitman was scared to leave him in the house
‘cause he lived up to his name: snake was creepin’ women out
he apologized at first, but then painted the scene different
he told hitman the story, but started to remix it
see, he was drunk, harassin’ women, bein’ loud, obnoxious
shot his shot while he’s on set like alec baldwin
thought that would slide under the radar without a problem
but you turned bag$ and bodies into blue’s clues
the whole house was talkin’!
i was amazed by how bad the next day began to look
like an episode of survivor, homie, snake was gettin’ cooked
bad newz stomped you out, made you bruise and bleed
i mean, hit dude wit’ the 1+2+3
even did a number on his glasses like new year’s eve
it’s a bit, though + fights are pretty common
like, we always see this stuff
it’s just wild you keep battling people after they beat you up
like, “yeah, he embarrassed me as a man, and proved he’s a greater fighter
i’m about to show y’all…i’m a more creative writer!”
okay…you still lose
he takes a small issue and it scales
it results in a disaster
he might seem dangerous at first, but this whole look is manufactured
he’s not comfortable in his skin, and that’s the biggest factor!
if you just study snake closely, you’d start to recognize the pattern
go ahead and rap, man

[round 2: snake eyez]
i said, y’all feel he lethal?
i’mma do somethin’ real illegal
the pistol draws on a white boy: william regal
i hate this lame
you like sami zayn…you don’t belong on this url bloodline
let’s get him a tombstone
kick in his spot, rain (reign) in the crib wit’ my usos
tools blow
you don’t wanna get me wild heated
slice your midsection up into wild pieces
the medics had to pull the towel over his waist: val venis
you’re not needed!
why would you wanna start, fam’?
i’m talkin’ old wrestlin’ + we don’t wanna hear this honky talk, man (honky tonk man)
your wifey a wild freak, i’m tryna make her jaws spin
al snow: i’m finna get the head on the walk+in
you a cheesy+ass white boy
you know, the type that go dummy on they parents wit’ no prob’?
stormin’ ‘round the house…
“mom, i’m gonna f+ckin’ k!ll you if you don’t give me money for a bl+wj+b!”
it’s sad for real, how y’all want this b+st+rd k!lled
i bet at dinnertime, it’s meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and a big+ass glass of milk
why y’all meals be so weird, man?
he be like…
“you wanna come over to my house for brunch!? let’s go!
our mustard breadcrumbs are the best, bro!
but my mom’s favorite dish? it’ll make your breath hold ‘til the death toll
you ever had a salami and miracle whip egg roll?”
n+gga, h+ll no!
h+ll no!
yo…you gotta show me some stats, cuz
you will never be dizaster
you can’t do what illmac does
you will never get the love like charron
you’ll never ever be what pat was!
be happy wit’ your little smack buzz!
you wanna be black to the fullest?
well, let’s see if you can act with a bullet
hand you the gun, make you shoot yourself
turn you into plaxico, burrus (burress)!
who passed him the courage!?
watch your attitude!
n+ggas laugh at you! this ain’t your avenue!
white people like to call us “animals”?
i’ll make it magical
you gon’ make me turn into a gnarly dude and get radical
f+ck you, tiger!
i dare this coward touch me!
you come from a family that prolly produce the wildest custies
come to your spot, shots fly, sh+t’ll get wild and ugly
you gon’ hear the pops loud like, “that’s comin’ outta your allowance, buddy!”
i hate fake rappers!
shock value ain’t what the game after
you on my resume? straight laughter!
ekans from pokemon
when it come to my name, y’all got snake backwards!
on some real sh+t, i could probably slap you to death!
you built and look like a actual ref!
pistol+whip, if the+

i’m beatin’ this white boy ass, man!

on some real sh+t, i could probably slap you to death!
you built and look like a actual ref!
pistol+whip if this character flex
i could have your face breaking bad without traffickin’ meth
it’s bag$ and bodies, n+gga
we simply gamblin’…what!?
i could have your face breaking bad without traffickin’ meth
we simply gamblin’
quit the panickin’
in harlem, we rock peles, sick as hamilton
drugs and the clips we handlin’
if i point one at your b+tch like neo, better pray that i missed her (mr.), anderson!
you good wit’ the cameras!?
what!? dawg mean!
ayo, i caught a case as a young n+gga in brooklyn for some sh+t that happened at fort greene
and y’all gon’ give me a white cracker, knowin’ i got a history of assault teens (saltines)?
what y’all want from me?
they gon’ say, “why i took anderson?”
‘cause i love money
i’m finna get rid of this white so good, it’s gon’ make the plug love me
you ain’t never been outside, wit’ a vest over your white tee: doug funnie
n+gga, i’mma+ what!?

the f+ck!? 2+0!

i’ve been in star wars!
i’m talkin’ sh+t you never seen befo’
smack, you know my name golden like c+po
clap at his legs, three below
throat slice, red neck (redneck) on stage: springer show
you need a coach! to give you more than a lil’ substance
you got a wife and kids? i’m in tune + f+ck it
show you i can get a lil’ rugged
to your son, i’m earl boykins, put a bullet in his lil’ nugget!

(+a few members of the crowd react to the last bar, including a man saying, “they don’t know ‘bout that!” and a woman saying, “aight, leave him alone!”+)

ayo+ no
to your son, earl boykins: i could put a bullet in his lil’ nugget!
so what now, white boy?
i had to put you down, white boy
if you come to the east side, i’mma tell you, “welcome to the town, white boy…”
but meet the millers
one wrong move, and you gon’ see a bunch of pounds, white boy!

[round 3: anderson burrus]
so i could just talk about the fact that he has one eye

[guy #1 in the crowd]
yes! talk about it!

[anderson burrus]
but that+

(+that interjection from the one guy wakes the crowd up slightly+)

[anderson burrus]
i coulda talked about the fact that he has one eye
but that’d seem like kind of an easy tactic
plus, it doens’t really work on snake eyez like 3+d glasses
see, it does get him really mad
but see, look…
it does get him really mad, and starts messin’ with his head
and just like 3+d glasses, he just starts seein’ red
that’s why he beefs with p, beefs with nunu, even beefin’ with smack
you need to take that good eye that you still have and see all the facts
by takin’ all these bad decisions, they been keepin’ you back
i know you have no depth perception, but trust me, it is deeper than that
i mean, you have way too many issues i’m not sure we can solve
you’re a puppet without strings like kermit the frog
since we haven’t seen him growing as a person at all
we gotta keep putin’ hands on snake until he learns to evolve
i mean, he can rap without stoppin’, but that talent’s obsolete
i tried to find where he excel(s), but couldn’t balance out the sheets
just remember, bro, i box
don’t be lashin’ out at me
i’ll be slippin’ every punch, looks like i’m rappin’ on a beat
see, this scalpel that i clean? what your scalp’s about to see
‘cause i plan to push it back like the album’s not complete
i’ll be bashin’ out his t++th!
i will grab him by his feet!
it’ll be a chinese new year: snake draggin’ (dragon) in the streets!
how you gon’ get up here and diss me sayin’ i’m a cameraman?
i directed midnight madness, the league that got you fans again

(+that bar excites the crowd some more, save for one grouch in the audience who counts that bar as anderson’s first good bar of the round+)

how you gon’ get up here+

[guy #2 in the crowd]

[anderson burrus]
it’s not just one+ okay…
how you gon’ get up here and diss me sayin’ i’m a cameraman?
i directed midnight madness, the league that got you fans again
all that equipment that surrounded you said “property of anderson”
i literally own the spotlight that you were standin’ in!
you embarrassed us…

[ladies in the crowd]
that’s crazy!

[anderson burrus]
it’s a fact, too
you embarrassed us at champion
makes me wanna hit this dude
i’m not filmin’ this event, but i can still get it lit for you
i mean, i can switch the mood
get into a different groove
i’m tellin’ you, i got punches for days (dazed), people, like a finish move!
you been recyclin’ for years…
punches for days (dazed), people, like a finish move

[guy #3 in crowd]

[anderson burrus]
you been+ you got it!
naw, y’all gotta get that one + that was good!
(+the crowd asks anderson to run those bars back, and he obliges+)
you been recyclin’ for years, now you goin’ in the trash
this your final destination, like a roller coaster crash
it’s like when gwitty starts to freestyle and the flow is really wack
because it took a little bit for you to know that it’s a (w)rap
i’ll make y’all see him as a child like the ghost of christmas past
twork robbin’ groups of women: i’mma go in different bags
i’m talkin’ loadin’ up the strap, or sammy sosa wit’ the bat
but i won’t hesitate to cut + i been known for skippin’ class
i will knock his friend out, leave him comatose and flat
even though he’s still conscious, eyez (eyes) rollin’ to the back!
you are overrated trash, we all know that that’s a fact
now you’re washed+up and dying like a toaster in the bath
you’re a plague, like when god sent the locusts to attack
smack the taste out his mouth, bring his covid symptoms back
push a blade through his chest ‘til it’s pokin’ out the back!
and make it stick into snake like moses wit’ the staff!
see, he’s gon’ tell y’all that i’m lying…
pretty good
he’s gonna tell y’all that i’m lyin’…and i admit he’s right
i’m not in the streets every single day livin’ that life
but let’s not act like i’m the only one playin’ pretend tonight
i can rap about shooting guns, ‘cause you rap about winning fights!
go ahead and rap, man

[round 3: snake eyez]
ay, how he gon’ tell me i can’t talk about fights?
this white n+gga could l!ck d+ck
dot mobb + we part of the reason y’all ain’t seen brizz since
f+ck is you talkin’ ‘bout?
life like gang
(+snake eyez turns to his left and daps up shotgun suge+)
pistols on deck, that’s somethin’ he could never doubt
i got the tre from my boys in (boyz n) the hood
the sh+lls always talkin’ to me like, “let me out”
ayo, don’t take this the wrong way
the nerve of this honky
you knew this was gon’ be a long day
i’m in his spot by his door, ready to let the chrome spray
he in there listenin’ to…
“hey now, you’re an all star
get your game on, go play
all that glitters…”
they gon’ say i’m rude for this (+heh+heh+)
they gon’ say i’m rude for this
i’m too legit, truth is this
if we was in jail, white boy, i’da robbed you for your tuna fish
we in the field still
you’ll get your head tapped for thinkin’ you the real deal
they gon’ remember snake hit a white boy in the face like k!ll bill
it’s gon’ get dark
takin’ this battle wasn’t f+ckin’ smart
blade to your f+ckin’ heart
tee morant: i dare him walk up to somethin’ sharp(e)
i don’t f+ck with swamp, and t+top don’t want it either
if it’s war, we clutchin’ heaters
back out, left anderson face stuck: justin bieber
you in too deep, bruh!
you’re in too deep, bruh!
so that’s why he’s gonna lose
just know all that speakin’ on the god only gon’ get your tongue removed
you need to sit calm
‘cause kickin’ that real feel, you can’t provide
this sh+t all+black like the cleveland show
he can’t hang wit’ eyez!
he need to go back to king of the dot, ‘cause that’s his real family, guy!
he can’t decide!?
he can’t decide, i guess
i’m baffled
but i’m the one you can see blackin’ like eyeshadow
headshot, it’ll push his sh+t back like time travel
you came up under lexx luthor, i’m not rattled
outta all that white boys that stick, and he the next p+ssy that i battle (ibattle)?
midnight madness!? you really handled them cameras well!
i’m conjuring up to do you like nun(n), so this stand gon’ fail
lil’ deuce+deuce, give this man some h+ll
if i back out this scary lil’ b+tch, i bet an’ll bail (annabelle)!

if i back out this scary lil’ b+tch, i bet an’ll bail (annabelle)!

[guy #4 in crowd]
they don’t know ‘bout that sh+t!

(+the crowd starts to become a little restless during snake’s third round, with a few crowd members laughing at the annabelle reference+)

[snake eyez]
if i back out this scary lil’ b+tch, i bet an’ll bail (annabelle)!
you can’t really rap, fam’!
hold it down, y’all!
ayo, you can’t really rap, fam’
you gon’ talk about it, but none of that cr+p land
you gon’ ride out for your homies? save the cap, fam’
i wouldn’t spin wit’ this white b+tch if it was save the last dance
my patience light
say goodnight!
the strap i got for anderson silver (silva), it ain’t shaped for fights
it ain’t nothin’ for me to slap a b+tch just like dana white!
y’all is trippin’!
i ain’t come to bargain wit’ him!
big rifle, ain’t no talkin’ wit’ it!
pop out wit’ a .23, son: larsa pippen
ayo! ayo…
in the hood, n+ggas ain’t have parents, yo
we had crack on them nights lonely
you need some sniff?
i got somethin’ for you and your white brodies
come to the trap
like a restaurant in the ‘40s, we servin’ white only

[guy #5 in the crowd]
ay, ay, i don’t think they caught it
i don’t think they caught it

[snake eyez]
yeah, uh+huh

[guy #5 in the crowd]
yeah, run that back
i don’t think they caught that
i don’t think they caught that

[snake eyez]
we ain’t have parents growin’ up!
n+ggas had crack on them nights lonely
you need some sniff?
we got somethin’ for you and your white brodies!
come to the trap!
like a restaurant in the ‘40s, we got white only!
three rounds down, man, i ain’t new to the block
all of my hooligans rock
factz gang, east side, n+gga…(shoot or get shot!)