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utada – merry christmas mr. lawrence – fyi lyrics


i give you my heart
hold on, let me sign it
your senorita, aka your best friend
hereby, let it be known
love like, never before
i’m always at your service
you just have to holler at me

nyc, nyc (what, what?)
tokyo, tokyo (what, what?)
send it out from the streets to the highest, to the highest high

mp3, mp3, players
work it out, work it out, hustlers
om mani padme hum, hum

you know why, i’m gonna be yours tonight
we’re gonna oh ah
fyi, we’re gonna be up all night
i’ll see you later
call me
you know my number

like captain picard
i’m chillin’ and flossin’
it’s seven o’clock
i issue you the warning
that’s right, we’re stealing this show
d-mn right, letting him know
we’re sipping chardonnay on 2 pm on our working day

ching a ling, ching a ling (what, what?)
ching a ling, ching a ling (what, what?)
take me down to the fields where the gr-sses, where the gr-sses, lie

mp3, mp3, players
oh my name got him there ooh


see i don’t need a freeloader
no i don’t want a freeloader
if you want a piece of this stuff
got to give, got to give something

[chorus x2]

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